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Airmails: World Airmails
France 1909 (22nd Oct) Menu card from aviation dinner signed by Louis Charles Joseph Blériot, who 3 months earlier became world-famous for making …
France 1927-1936 group of covers noting 1927 French India to Shanghai with "Pondichery" & "Shanghai" cancels, 1932 reg'd Bouget Aviation to Saigon,…
France 1936 (25th Oct) Paris to Saigon Air Race cover carried by Arnoux, Japy & Micheletti in Caudron "Goeland" with 50¢ Peace tied by Le Bourget-…
Germany 1927 (15th June) Cottbus to Berlin carried Clarence Chamberlain in the Wright-Bellanca "Colombia" after completion of Trans-Atlantic crossi…
Germany 1932 (21st May) America to Europe by Dornier Do-X flying boat. Stampless postcard posted aboard the trans-Atlantic flight by Fritz Hammer w…
Great Britain 1911 (9th Sept) London to Windsor "1911 Coronation First UK Aerial Post" purple brown envelope with typed addressed to Melbourne but …
Great Britain 1920 (19th July) London to Brussels carried on the first flight of the Handley-Page WWI bomber with 1½d KGV x 3 tied by Brixton SW 2…
Great Britain 1925 (16th Nov) Marseilles to Capetown intermediate carried on the above flight also with vignette but in red. France 30¢ Sower tied…
Great Britain 1938 (27th Nov) Imperial Airways England to Australia flight in the Short S23 "Calpurnia". Crashed at Lake Habbaniyah Iraq. Capt. E A…
Great Britain 1939 (11th Dec) Croydon to Rabaul with boxed "Passed by Censor TNG No.9" in violet & 1/3d franking machine cancelled. Cover addressed…
Great Britain 1970 (7th Sept) RAF cover flown in Concorde 002 G-BSST on a development test flight from RAF Fairford. Reached a speed of Mach 1.46 w…
India 1925 (2nd Feb) Rislapur to Calcutta cover carried on RAF demonstration flight with large "Calcutta-Rislapur Demonstration Flight Calcutta 192…
India 1927 (18th Feb) Karachi to London with India ½a KGV affixed over perforated blue on pink "Carried With the Rt Hon Sir Samuel Hoare India to …
India 1929 (4th Apr) Karachi to London first flight with double ring "By Air" h/s & 8a KGV tied by Bombay GPO strike. Boxed "Air Orient" 5 line cac…
India 1930 (30th Oct) Karachi to Calcutta "New Air Venture by The Hon'ble Mrs Victor Bruce. well known Racing Motorist. She learnt to fly in only 6…
India 1930 (31st Oct) Karachi to Burma "New Air Venture by The Hon'ble Mrs Victor Bruce. Well known Racing Motorist. She learnt to fly in only 6 da…
Ireland 1929 (26th Aug) Galway-London First Flight postcard addressed to Perth WA with commem pictorial purple cachet "First Air Mail 26th Aug 1929…
Ireland 1938 (1st July) Father Mathew pair on FDC airmailed Dublin to Douglas IOM with GB 1d & ½d KGVI defins affixed at bottom left to pay return…
Ireland 1945 (24th Nov) "First Commercial Overseas Flight Washington-London American Airlines System FAM 24 November 1945" illust cover. Addr to Wa…
Italy 1930 (17th Dec) Italy to Brazil commem env carried on Gen. Italo Balbo's Trans-Atlantic massed flight with "Primo Volo Transatlantico." impri…
Italy 1932 (26th Feb) Idrovolante "S55P" flying boat on b&w postcard. Addressed to the Acting Postmaster, Darwin from "Societa Aerea Mediterrane vi…
Italy 1933 (19th July) General Italo Balbo mass formation flight in conjunction with Chicago 1933 "Century of Progress" Exhibition cinderellas prin…
Japan 1928 (3rd Apr) Japan to France cover carried by French aviators D Costes & J Le Brix with 10s Nagoya tied by Japanese language Tokyo cds & Pa…
Kenya/Belgium/South Africa 1974 (18th Nov) Antwerp to Johannesburg Nairobi Lufthansa crash cover bearing a strike in violet of the English/Afrikaan…
Macau 1937 (28th April) Macau to USA "China Clipper" First Flight with PAA pictorial cachet in blue. Single stamp tied by part Macau octagonal canc…
Netherlands 1931 (17th Aug) Suriname to Curacao with a complete set of the "Do. X 1931" Dornier 10 ovpts tied by "Extra Luchtpost Verzending Uit Pe…
New Caledonia 1931 (12th May) Internal airmail cover to Postmaster at Voh with 15f56 in 12 defin franking each with "PAR AVION" h/s in black & tied…
New Zealand 1937 (28th Dec) New Zealand to Samoa intermediate leg on second Survey Flight by "Samoa Clipper". Attractive long commem cover with pho…
New Zealand 1937 (31st Dec) Samoa to New Zealand intermediate printed commem card "Pan American Airways Trans-Pacific Flight USA-NZ First Official …
New Zealand 1938 (2nd Jan) Auckland to San Francisco with NZ 2/- Cook x 2 & 6d Harvester tied by Auckland cds's. Boxed "New Zealand USA First Airma…
New Zealand 1938 (2nd Jan) New Zealand to Hawaii by "Samoa Clipper" on long Pan-Am cover addressed to USA bearing 3/- Mt Egmont & 9d Maori Rafter P…
New Zealand 1938 (2nd Jan) New Zealand to USA second survey flight by Sikorsky S-42 "Samoan Clipper". Registered Wellington & addressed to Brussels…
New Zealand 1941 (19th July) New Zealand to Canada by Boeing 314 on FAM route 19. Commercial cover with original Centennial set of 11 tied by Welli…
New Zealand 1942 (14th Dec) Censored covers x 2 both with 1/3d Arms. First tied by Wellington cds & other dated 1944 (9th Nov) tied by Lambton Quay…
New Zealand 1953 (8th Oct) Christchurch Air Race covers from Netherlands both with violet "aircraft over sailing ship" cachet on commem KLM covers,…
Newfoundland 1921 (17th Nov) St Johns to Halifax cover with 35c "AIR MAIL Halifax, N.S. 1921" 2¾ mm ovpt tied by St Johns machine cancel. A lovely…
Newfoundland 1933 "Gen. Balbo Flight $4.50" ovpt on 75¢ yellow brown. Fine MLH. SG 235, Cat. £275
Nyasaland 1932 (21st Jan) First acceptance of mail from Nyasland to England to connect with Imperial Airways inaugural Cape Town to London service.…
PNG 1928 (17th July) Port Moresby to USA Roessler env with boxed "Treasury Dept Accountant's Branch Jul 17 1928 Paymaster" cachet on back & "Air Ma…
PNG 1929 (29th Nov) Salamaua to Port Moresby with 1½d Huts tied by Post Office "Salamoa" (spelling error) cds & "Guinea Airways 29 NOV 29 Limited"…
PNG 1930 (11th Mar) USA Internal Airmail combination franking on "A.C. Roessler" printed env with 3d Lakatois ovptd "Air Mail" tied by Port Moresby…
PNG 1930 (18th Aug) Wau to Rabaul with 1½d Huts tied by Post Office 2 SE 30 Wau cds & "Guinea Airways Limited 18 AUG 1930" neighbouring cachet. VG…
PNG 1930 (22nd Sept) Wau to Rabaul cover with 1½d Hut tied by crisp Post Office Wau cds in violet. Double circle datestamp of "Guinea Airways Limi…
PNG 1930 (22nd Sept) Wau to Rabaul ditto. VG cond. AAMC P25, Cat. $325
PNG 1930 (22nd Sept) ditto but pilot signed by WM Wiltshire. Good cond. Ex Frommer. AAMC P25, Cat. $325+
PNG 1930 (22nd Sept) ditto but pilot signed by CR Gurney. Couple tone spots otherwise good AAMC P25 Cat. $325+
PNG 1932 (13th June) Samarai to Berlin, Germany cover with 6d Lakatoi ovptd "Air Mail" & tied by Samarai cds's paying 3d foreign surface letter rat…
PNG 1932 (23rd Mar) Salamaua to Port Moresby first official flight by Guinea Airways. Registered with 6d BOP with "Air Mail" ovpt tied by Salamau c…
PNG 1932 (28th Sept) Kokoda to Port Moresby by Guinea Airways. Registered with 6d airmail ovpt & 2d on 1½d Lakatoi. Regd cachet "No. 459" in m/s. …
PNG 1932 (28th Sept) Port Moresby to Kokoda by Guinea Airways. Most attractive with 1d Lakatoi, 3d with red Airmail ovpt & 2d on 1½d Lakatoi. Koko…


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