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Lot No. 751

Auction No. 34
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $120
Status Archived



KGV 3d blue in various shades incl single wmk Die I (22) plus 17 x perfined "OS", Die Ia (14) plus 13 "OS", SMW, perf.14 x 18 & 15 "OS" all type A with 6 x type B plus 7 perfined "OS" before SMW, perf.13½x12½ x 11 Type A plus 10 perfined "OS". Type B with 8 normal & 6 "OS". The type A's & B's need checking & offered "as is". Also Die II SMW, perf.13½x12½ x 17 with another 16 Perfined "OS" of which one is F/U is the "dry ink" variety. Finally CofA wmk x 27 of which 3 are ovptd "OS". Another useful lot.