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Lot No. 740

Auction No. 34
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $500
Status Archived



KGV Single wmk perfined "OS" good to fine used study with a couple of MLH items. More than half with ACSC listed varieties incl ½d green electro 5 JBC monogram in vert MLH pair (toned gum but cat. $400), 1d violet "neck flaw" MLH & "run N" mint, 2d orange with retouch to "LIA" of Australia" F/U & 4d orange varieties incl (1)q(2)u & 2va (Cat. $225) before 4d violet x 7 F/U examples with varieties (Cat. $530+). Also 4d blue with ACSC flaws (l)l & (l)n (Cat. $180) & 4 olive x 5, two with (3)h & (3)l varieties (Cat. $160). Also 4½d violet (ACSC 119Aba, Cat. $125), 5d chestnut x 10 with 6 SLP others comb perf (ACSC 122Ad, o, sov, t, vf & u), all F/U & perfd "OS" with mixed centring (Cat $840) noting ACSC 123 in 4 shades with varieties j, r, sa & vb (Cat. $300). Finally, 1/4d x 3 fine CTO examples also perfined "OS" (ACSC 128wd, Cat. $75 ea). Useful pickings. Total cat. $3,000+ (66)


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