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Lot No. 692

Auction No. 34
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $400
Status SOLD $480



Kangaroos "The Philatelic Album" binder with leaves annotated noting 1st wmk to 5/- good to fine used, 2nd wmk to 2/- & a rugged 5/- "OS" perfin before 3rd wmk to 5/- plus 10/- perfined "OS". Small mult to 2/- & CofA with average used to 5/-. Main val is in the "SPECIMEN" ovpts comprising 3rd wmk 10/- type B, £2 type C & 1924 £1 grey plus Sm. Mult 10/- type C & CofA set type D all MLH. Clean group though hingeing is a bit tenacious! ACSC for Specimens MLH totals $2180 plus c$300 for the used. (60+)