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Lot No. 677

Auction No. 34
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $240
Status SOLD $360



Middle East Forces Overprints on GB comprising MEF 5d (14mm & 13½mm ovpts), other 13½mm ovpts incl set to 10/- MUH/MLH plus PD's MLH, BMA "Eritrea" set to 10/- MUH, all "B.A. Eritrea" ovpts with 2 sets to 10/- plus PD's MLH, "EAF" to 2/6d MUH, "BMA Somalia" to 5/- MUH plus "B.A." to 5/- MLH before "BMA Tripolitania" to 24 M.A.L. on 1/- MUH & "B.A." 240 M.A.L. on 10/- marginal MUH (light vert bend) & 1951 set MLH with PD's MLH (missing "BMA" top val). Also British PO's in E. Arabia 1948 & 1950/55 to 2r on 2/6d MLH, "Castles" 2r (3) & 5r (2), 1956/57 & 1957/59 New Currency & 1960 to 1r plus some commem ovptd sets. All fine. Cat. £1150 (194)


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