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Lot No. 467

Auction No. 34
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $340
Status SOLD $340



Austria Useful earlier range incl stray Lombardy & Venetia 1864 15s used, pulled perf at top (Cat. £200) & 1919/21 20k, perf. 11½ MLH but faults (Cat. £190) with a few post 2000 issues however the main value is in 1938-1996 period incl 1945 Graz ovpts to 80pf MLH, 1947/48 Currency Revaluation MUH, 1948/52 1s claret Costume MUH, 1950 Carinthian Plebiscite MUH & 1950/53 Bird Airs (excl 2s) used plus many other better issues. Cond. varies at first then mainly fine with most late 1950's-1990's being MUH. Cat. £5,500+ (1900+)