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Lot No. 2905

Auction No. 34
Category Commonwealth & Foreign
Est. $440
Status Auction Pending



South Africa-Cape of Good Hope Mafeking Siege selection used on album page & written up in Barratt-Lennard's own hand. Comprises many fine examples of "MAFEKING BESIEGED" ovpts on CGH ½d with both types & 1d (SG 1-3) plus on ovptd Bechuanaland Protectorate 1d, 3d & 6d, the latter on piece with full cds strike. (SG 6-8). Also, Bechuanaland "6d." on 3d lilac (SG 10) plus Cadet Sgt Major Goodyear 1d pale blue (damaged), deep blue (fine) & General Baden-Powell 3d deep blue also fine (Cat. £450). Total Cat. val. £1610 excl damaged SG 17. (10)


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