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Lot No. 1701

Auction No. 34
Category Kangaroos
Est. $800
Status Auction Pending



1931-47 CofA 2/- maroon redrawn Die (1945) complete sheet in 2 parts separated between the 3rd & 4th vertical columns. Perforation patterns strongly support that the 2 pieces are from the same sheet. Noted "White flaw off Cape York" variety in position 4R36 (ACSC 41Ai) & "White flaw off Western Australia" in position 4R7 (ACSC 41Al) for which the position is listed as "unknown". Note this flaw is very similar to that illustrated in the ACSC. It is similar in size & shape but is about 50mm higher up. Maybe the illustration in ACSC is incorrect or this is a new flaw? No other listed varieties are apparent. Is this an early sheet or from a late printing where other varieties have been corrected. Fine MUH fine & useful for research. Cat. $2800++