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Lot No. 1697

Auction No. 34
Category Kangaroos
Est. $150
Status SOLD $150



1931-47 CofA 2/- maroon redrawn Die (1945) in 3 positional selvedge blocks with bottom left corner "By Authority...." imprint selvedge block of 10 (ACSC 41z) noting "Straw in kangaroos mouth" variety on 4th stamp along bottom row, MUH (ACSC 41h, Cat. $290+) & Gutter block of 4 (25mm) with 2 extra at right (ACSC 41Azd, Cat. $190) & to complete the trifecta, bottom left selvedge block of 8 positions L 51-54 / 57-60 with one MLH, 7 MUH (tone spot on gum of 1). Total cat $630.


Image represents the entire lot.