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Lot No. 1024

Auction No. 34
Category Miscellaneous
Est. $200
Status SOLD $200



British "Music Hall" artists represented by photos, souvenirs & autographed portrait photos. Harry Lauder (Scottish singer) souvenir of First visit to Australia (1914), 2 signed photos, Vera Lynn signed letter & b&w photo (1960), George Formby signed photos (1929 & 1938) & dinner card (Grand Hotel Rotura) signed (1947) plus music for "Swim, Little Fish", Marie Lloyd photos (1 signed) of her & family, Charles Kunz (band leader) signed photo, Gracie Fields signed photo & postcard plus publicity incl 1912 1st Royal (Command) performance. Also Elsie & Doris Waters signed photo with various small signed photocards of lesser known "Music Hall" performers. A treasure trove of entertainment history. (c60 items)