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Lot No. 660

Auction No. 33
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $500
Status SOLD $725



South Africa Pre-union Provinces to WWI in album with slipcase noting CGH with 7 triangulars in mixed cond, later used to 5/- orange (SG 54), Natal Chalons x 8 & QV sidefaces incl 5/- with oval (bank) fiscal cancel plus QV surcharges (12) mainly used, KEVII with 5/-, £1, £1/10/- fiscally used, Official ovpts on ½d, 2d & 3d MLH & 1d used. OFS (63) with 5/- MLH, useful surcharges & VRI ovpts before KEVII to 5/- MLH Transvaal (164) incl 1877 6d imperf & other VR Transvaal upper & lower case plus 1878 1/- used (Cat. £60). KEVII range to £1 used, 1907 PD's set of 7 (Cat. £55), before comprehensive Union issues with MLH incl 1925 Airs, defins with cylinder blocks & 1935/41 booklet panes noting varieties including 1930/44 ½d with "cobweb" variety (SG 42c, Cat. £65), 3d blue with "window flaw" (SG 45cs in vert pair) & 6d "falling ladder" in pair with normal (SG 61a, Cat. £300). Also booklets with 1937 6d, 1938 3d & 1948 3/-, the high val defins incl 1927 10/- vert pair F/U, 1933/48 10/- in MUH marginal pair & shade used with all other vals in pairs, most with both MLH & used. Commems in MLH pairs (excl 1935 ½d) plus many sets used on piece or cover. Incls 1939 GB cover to South Africa with "Flying Boat Correspondence Damaged By Seawater" cachet & seal on flap with "Found Open" & cds of Durban. Also various WWII censored covers, War Effort in pairs, MUH/MLH blocks & used multiples. Even a 1944 Airgraph with envelope! See separate lot for PD's & Officials. A remarkable collection with mint items fresh & used generally good to fine. Write up is extensive making use of illustrations to demonstrate variations in printing. Viewing highly recommended especially with this conservative reserve. (20 covers, many 100s of stamps incl coils, blocks, gutters)