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Lot No. 642

Auction No. 33
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $240
Status SOLD $290



Rhodesia 1965-1967 specialised with blocks annotated with "arricators" locating varieties, incl many imprint & plate blocks plus some used. Noted 1965 ITU plate blocks & singles (+ set used), Water Conservation blocks (4+8), latter 2/6d showing doctor blade flaw, 1965 Churchill regd FDC, Independence 2/6d with "Rhodesia Loyalists" blocks of 9 with "Due" after "Postage" in design plus missing colours on shield & 3 blocks of 9 imperfs with one colour misplaced. Noted 1966 (8th Dec) aerogramme to England with "Invalid Stamps Used" h/s & large regd cover to London with 2/6d "Independence" block taxed with 6d & 1/- GB Postage Dues before a similarly franked & addressed cover with 1/- & 2/6d Postage Dues (the former Oct 65, the latter Dec 65 suggesting British Govt's increasing irritation!). 1966 "Independence" ovpts in S. Rhodesia to £1 in plate 1A blocks & some varieties incl shifted ovpt in ½d plus single & strip with ovpt offsets. Incls 10/- with "tail feather" flaw, imprint blocks to £1, Feb 1966 defins to £1 in blocks (+ 2/6d with colour shift), Harrison & Mardon prints both to £1 & Dual Currency set in blocks x 2 amongst others. Impressive & should be viewed to appreciate scope. Cat. £600+ (140+ blocks of 4 plus 100s)