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Lot No. 628

Auction No. 33
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $80
Status Archived



New Zealand Oddments from balance of consignment noting KGV 6d Official vertical pair with mixed perfs (SG O102ab, Cat. £75) one unit stained, "Hygeia" & "Pathway" Healths MLH, 1937 perf. 14x15 6d Govt Life MUH (Cat. £35), 1929 Anti-TB Health MUH, 1958 Hanokes Bay Centennial MUH x 20 sets, 1953 5/- defin MUH (Cat. £32), KEVII 1/- MLH (Cat. £60), 1938 5/- Arms Official MLH (disturbed gum) & 1906 "3", "4", & "5" Christchurch Exhibition labels (all faulty & without gum) plus 1941 9d Māori Rafter top marginal block MUH (small rust spot). Useful group at this reserve.