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Lot No. 566

Auction No. 33
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $500
Status SOLD $700



Israel & Palestine Collection to 1965 in 4 vols attractively written-up. Starts with German P.O.'s in Turkish Empire 1pi & 2½pi ovpts on Reichspost 20pf & 50pf on piece with Jerusalem cds followed by 1918-1944 Palestine MLH/used & sometimes both. 1918 10pi used (stained), set to 9pi MLH, 1920 ovpts to 5pi MLH/used, 1921 ovpt settings MLH/used & 1922 to 2pi MLH plus to 5pi used & a few varieties. 1927/44 Pictorials to £1 (excl 90pi) mostly MLH & used for each, 1923 PD's MLH, 1924 vals to 5pi & "mils" to 20m (1928/33, mainly used) before 1921 Czech card with special Karlovyvary cancel & in Hebrew, 1940 Censored cover to South Africa misdirected to New York followed by 4 pages of Jewish National Fund labels incl Naharn Emergency Mail rouletted set of 3 marginal MUH & on cover with bilingual "By Sea" cancel. 1948 Doar Ivri to 50m MLH tabless & on FDC & vert pairs with tabs, 250m to 1000m marginal MLH (no tabs) & a used set with extra 250m & 1000m tabless (Bale Cat. US$310). Issues then complete thereafter both MLH & used for each (Tabul M/S MLH only). Some early tabs incl 1949 250m Jerusalem MLH, Petab Tikra MLH, New Year MLH (Bale Cat. US$130), 1950 1st Airmail set MLH (Cat. US$120) & 1952 1000pr Menora (Cat. US$550). FDC's largely complete to 1965 & most issues with top right corner plate blocks as well. PD's complete MLH but without tabs. Also incls 1950/52 "coinage" tete beche pairs MLH, ditto for UPU. Inspection recommended to appreciate the interesting write up. Fine throughout. (1200+ stamps & 100+ covers)