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Lot No. 528

Auction No. 33
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $400
Status SOLD $420



Great Britain 1840-1965 collection in album with slipcase starting with 1d blacks x 2 (faulty) & cut-to-shape 6d embossed, wing margin 1865/67 1/- Pl 4 & 1873/80 3d Pl 16 plus a few other QV in mixed cond incl 1883 2/6d & 5/- x 3, one of which is F/U. KEVII all vals to 10/- average used & £1 with lower right corner missing. KGV mixed with 10/- re-engraved Seahorse good used & £1 PUC heavily used with parcel cancels, & 1925 BEE MLH plus KGVI £1 RSW MLH with other high vals used noting F/U £1 Festival block of 4 & single. QEII incls Wildings MLH plus phos/graphite sets, 1953 6d Coronation Airletter to South Africa with 3 June 1953 machine cancel, 1953 set on Regd FDC & commems incl MLH phosphor sets (except Red Cross & Cable). Also most ordinary commem sets on addressed FDC's & as F/U sets. These are followed by Ireland with "Rialtas" ovpts MLH x 6 or used x 14, 3d, 10d 2/6d "Saorstat" MLH with others to 9d used. Solid later mixed MLH or used with 1951-1965 commems complete MLH, 1940/43 Guernsey & Jersey MLH, latter with 1943 set on 3 FDC's with Nazi Eagle over Swastika h/s at left of covers. Finally 1937 & 1946 Commonwealth omnibus issues complete plus 1948 RSW low vals MLH, 1953 Coronation complete both MLH & used/CTO & a few GB & Ireland PD's. Pre-QEII GB in mixed cond but thereafter clean with majority MLH. A worthwhile lot. (100s)