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Lot No. 514

Auction No. 33
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $120
Status SOLD $190



Germany - Bavaria 1850-1920 MLH & used mounted collection on printed leaves noting "numeral" 1k pink, 3k grey-blue, ditto rose, 6k blue, 9k & 12k yellow-green all used plus 1k yellow MLH. 1867/69 1d & 3k imperfs with 6k pale bistre F/U (Cat. £75) before mixed MLH/used to 1910 with later mainly MLH incl 1914 to 20mk & 1919 imperfs to 20mk,. People’s State 5mk ovpt used (Cat. £19), MLH set to 3mk & imperfs to 20mk MLH. "Free State" to 5mk on Germany, King Ludwig to 20mk (excl 10mk) incl 5mk & 20mk used with others mostly MLH plus imperfs to 3mk MLH & 1920 surcharges. Also new designs to 10mk MLH, ovpts to 4mk MLH plus 5mk used before a range of 1908 & 1916/17 Officials noting 1919 ovpts to 1mk & 1920 to 2½mk to 3mk MLH. Also a Hagner & some sheets with duplicates & Germany/Wurttemberg & Danzig mounted oddments incl postal stationery cut outs nicely cancelled with the Germany used to 1925. A good lot. (100s)