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Lot No. 513

Auction No. 33
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $300
Status SOLD $180



Germany, Danzig & Poland Range of used stamps & covers from the 1922/23 inflation period. Danzig comprising 15-9-23 cover with franking totalling 150,000mk to Cleve (Rheinland) & 7-10-23 to same address with a 1,010,00mk franking. The star item of Germany being Cleve locally addressed cover with 6+4mk x 6 & 12+8mk x 7 Charity stamps with 23-7-23 cds & 19-10-23 cover (damaged) with 250,000 x 3 & 100,000 x 10 demonstrating the out-of-control inflation! Other covers & pieces from Germany & Poland with lots of zeros (!) plus German inflation singles mounted incl 20 milliarden used x 10, 5 mda x 3, 2 mda x10 etc. Another Danzig cover dated 21-10-23 bears 15 million in franking whilst a 19-1-23 German cover franked with 5mk Officials x 10 indicates the rapidity with which the mark lost value. Other oddments include Russia 1913 7k PSE uprated with 1k x 3 to Germany & GB QV ½d pre-stamped postcard to Germany uprated with ½d vermilion - a modest 100% increase compared with the 1922/23 debacle! All in a lined notebook without write-up, but potential for development of an inflation theme.