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Lot No. 506

Auction No. 33
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $75
Status SOLD $110



German Colonies Selection of postcards comprising Kiautschou 2ยข with bold 1906 Tsingtau cds & addressed to Germany, German East Africa 4h card with Baadan cds of 1907 & Bagamoyo transit mark, Wenkheim arrival 13-6-07, Marshall Is 10pf postcard with Jaluit 16-4-04 cds & Radebeul 27-6-04 receival Y 1909 Registered "Constantinople" env with block of 4 x 10pf Germania on reverse without ovpt but tied by "Constantinople" cds. Address cut out & removed. Also 2 unused 5pf postcards of Carolina & Marshall Islands & 3 pesa green postcard neatly cancelled Dar-Es-Salaam 5-9-04 & addressed to Germany. PTSA $225 (7)