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Lot No. 107

Auction No. 33
Category Revenues
    Western Australia
      States and Territories
Est. $150
Status SOLD $150



1881 swans ovptd locally with "IR" & "POSTAGE" obliterated by 1 or 2 bars in dark green. 1 genuine example & 9 forged ovpts. Genuine ovpt is on 1d ochre wmk Crown/CC, perf. 12½ fine MNG. Forged ovpts in black on 1/- wmk Crown/CC, 1d yellow ochre wmk Crown/CA perf. 14, 4d carmine wmk Crown/CA perf. 12 plus another in red 6d mauve, Cr/CC perf 14 before 5 more in dark green ink on 1d, 2d & 3d brown. A useful lot for ongoing research. (10)