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Lot No. 67

Auction No. 32
Category Collections
    Western Australia
      States and Territories
Est. $300
Status SOLD $525



Postmarks DIY pages in springback folder with the majority from the KGV era & better than average quality strikes. A good basic collection upon which to build or to "cherry Pick" to enhance an existing collection. Noted Arrino, Bardoc, Benjabering, Bilbarin, Binnu on KGV 1/4d, Emu Hill, Eradu, Eucla, Highbury, Higginsville, Jibbering, Koolanooka, Korbal, Kweda, Lake Biddy, Larkinville, Lion Mill, Maradong, Mogumber, Moulyinning, Muchea, Nabawa, Nangeenan, New Norcia on 3d swan, Nukarni, Parkerville, Peak Hill, Quindanning, Red Lake, Scaddon, Stratherne, Walebing & Wellard,plus Witchcliffe, Worsley, Waranga, Yelbini & Yellowdine. Careful inspection may discover some gems we have overlooked. Happy hunting! (Approx 400)