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Lot No. 406

Auction No. 31
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $500
Status SOLD $700



Papua 1901-1941 & PNG to 1984 MUH/MLH on Hagners & Varios in ring binder. Fine throughout with 1901/05 to 1/- in both vertical & horizontal wmks, large "Papua" ovpts to 6d, small to 2/6d, 1907/10 bicolours to 2/6d incl both perfs to 1/-, 1910/11 large Papua to both 2/6d & 1911/15 monocolours to 2/6d plus 1916/31 bicolours to 10/-. Also 1917 "One Penny" ovpts, 1929/31 surcharges, 1932 CofA 9d & 1/3d before Pictorials to £1 incl both ½d vals. Later commems & Airs complete plus 1931/32 "C5" ovpts to both 2/6d. PNG pre-decimal is complete excl Specimen & Postal Charges with decimals near complete incl all to shells MLH & later MUH. The Pre-PNG is catalogued £2300+ (100s)