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Lot No. 314

Auction No. 31
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $240
Status SOLD $240



KGV Accumulation on old-time stock pages in ancient springback album arranged by value, colour & wmk. Contains numerous shades, varieties combined with postmark interest. Comprises ½d green (100), ½d orange (60), 1d green (c400), 1d violet (30), 1½d red (c250), 1½d black brown (90), 1½d brown (c150), 1½d green (110), 2d red CofA wmk (c550), 2d orange (75), 4d orange (c150), 4d olive (c100), 4d violet (1), 4d blue (2), 4½d violet (4) & 1/4d turquoise single wmk very good used plus 2d red perfined "OS/NSW" (c100), 3d blue "OS/NSW" (150), 3d blue with mixed Die I, II & III unpunctured noting a few "OS" (c200). Better than average cond with majority good to fine used. Please handle with care. (approx. 2400)