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Lot No. 2123

Auction No. 31
Category King George V
Est. $12000
Status SOLD $12000



KGV 1920-21 Colour Trials 1920 (31st Dec) 4d Colour Trials or Plate Proofs in brown, reddish violet, pale reddish violet & deep reddish purple shades on thick ungummed & unwatermarked paper with comb perf 14. Each with the recognised & listed identifying letters in red ink on the reverse, for "B", "F", "H" & "N". The ACSC states that "Colour Trials for the selection of the new colour of the 4d were supplied by the stamp printer on two separate occasions, on 31st December 1920 (Nos. A-H with each numbered in manuscript on reverse as indicated) and on 11th January 1921 (Nos. I, J and K)." The first 2 of these are the same stamps as illustrated in the latest 2022 ACSC KGV Catalogue. ACSC 111PP(1) B, C, E & G, Cat. $32,000 (4)


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