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Lot No. 194

Auction No. 31
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $300
Status SOLD $725



New Zealand 1858-1974 in old "Empress" peg fitting album. Rust throughout but effort should be rewarded noting 1862/64 1/- green (2 margins) with "Late Fee" boxed cancel plus a few perfd Chalons incl 4d yellow wmk & no wmk, (latter Cat. £850 but blunt corner), 1878 2/- MLH off centre but rust free & good SSF range incl 8d perf 11 (Cat. £60) before 1899 Pictorials to 5/- (2, one fiscally used), 1902 incl 5/- postally used (cds but no date visible) & Officials to 2/- used. Also 1913 Exhibition MLH (toned perf on 1d & 3d, others fine), Admirals x 2 ea. plus "Official" all used, 1931 Smiling Boys used & 1930 Health MUH. Very little missing later & incls a few covers noting 1936 Anzac FDCs, 1946 Peace set Airmailed to Aust, 1950's Health Camp cds on FDC's & 1969 M/S FDC plus c50 others to 1973 (some stained). Well worth viewing as not all the better stamps are stained! (100s)