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Lot No. 958

Auction No. 30
Category Collections
    Western Australia
      States and Territories
Est. $3200
Status SOLD $2000



Postmarks Perth 1854-2016. Set out as presented in PMI beginning with a quality SDS1 (double date) on piece 24 NOV 24 1855 followed by SDS 1 (Single date) on 2d vermilion roulette (SG 30, Cat. £250). Void grids (5), No.1 grid (7), 15 Bar 1 (4), 15 Bar 2 (4), 15 Bar 3 (6), Crown registered 9 Bar 1, 9 Bar 2 (2), 9 Bar 3 (6), 9 Bar 80 duplex with a pair & 2 singles, 11 Bar letter "P" (3) & 12 Bar 1 (5) plus 12 Bar 2 (4) & 12 Bar 3 (5). Comprehensive range of Perth cds's with col 1a, 1b, 2b before a range of duplexes in 13 Hagner sides noting 2 postal stationery cards & many different types & range of indices. Numerous pairs & lots of part strikes on single stamps incl 3b cds's with a range of indices. Circular date stamps in quantity for A25, D26, C31, F31, G34R, G33R, G33R & H29R types noting Perth Air cds E31 -Air with a fine strike on piece dated 10 NOV 58. Bulk Postage Paid with A25, X28, C30a< C31-C, E31-b, E31-c, E31d, E31e, F31, H31, L27-a, L31-b & L21c plus numerous circular oval & rectangular h/s's. Non-Postal Paid noting 5-a, 5-b & A25T. Incls a range of sectional h/s's for City Section, Counter Mail Delivery, Dead Letter Office, Counter Mail Delivery, Dead Letter Office, Letter Carrier Room, Mail Processing Room, Howey Order Office & Parcel Post incl handcut markings & parcel rollers. Continues with Philatelic Sales, Post Restante, Registration Branch, Ship Mail Room, Special Delivery & Mail Exchange. Approx 80 Hagner sides with 1000's of stamps carefully selected for their postmarks incl on swans, kangaroos, KGV & later issues noting superior cancels on blocks & other multiples incl multifrankings on piece. Also noted 14 covers & many oval & rectangular rubber stamps. Ex Rob Comley & worth viewing just to appreciate the depth & scope.