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Lot No. 572

Auction No. 30
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $750
Status SOLD $1150



1913-1965 Mostly used with duplication on written up plain pages. Noted ½d "Rostage" flaw with various other 1d kangaroo ACSC flaws, 2d wmk inverted (3), 1st wmk 1/- MLH (o/c), 1915 2nd wmk 2/- cds, 3rd wmk & 2d wmk inverted MLH & used plus several flaws, 3d wmk inverted Die I MLH, 1/- wmk sideways MUH & 5/- F/U. 6d chestnut "broken leg" kangaroo marginal with double perfs MLH, 1929/30 SM wmk 5/- good used, 1931/36 CofA 5/- CTO, 10/- & £1 used with perf faults plus "SPECIMEN" set MLH. KGV well covered incl flaws, 1½d black-brown LM wmk MUH on very thin paper, 4d blue "splintered corner" & "weeping 4" varieties plus 1d green no wmk "secret mark" MLH & 1/4d SM perf. 13½x12½ MLH. Commems incl 1914 6d kookaburra MLH & used, 1928 Kookaburra Exhib M/S's MLH (2) before 1930's all used incl 5/- Sydney Harbour Bridge plus low vals MLH noting 2d Macarthur "dark hills" MUH. Also a few imprint blocks or pairs, 10/- Robes "SPECIMEN" MLH & £1 Robes on thin paper MUH. 1942 1d maroon QM in coil pair MLH, 1949/50 Arms used sets x 3 & Navigators used to £2 with latter MLH. Despite some machine cancelled dupls this is a good lot with many useful. (1000+)


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