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Lot No. 667

Auction No. 29
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $1000
Status SOLD $1900



1913-2019 Collection in 3 albums plus volume of 2000 Sydney Olympics sheetlets of 10 x 16 plus the 2006 Commonwealth Games set of 17 sheetlets. Neatly written up in SG "Devon" albums with kangaroos in mixed cond to 5/-, CofA 10/- (heavy cds) & £1 good used plus "SPECIMEN" ovpt of latter. KGV used with fine 4d blue & 4½d Die II & others complete in variable cond incl "OS" ovpts. Ditto for commems with majority fine incl the CTO the 5/- SHB. Later pre-decimal mainly used incl Robes, Arms & Navigators (excl £2) with a page of MLH imprint blocks & some used blocks. Decimals mixed MLH/used with some multiples on facing pages incl a few FDC's. Post-2000 close to complete MLH incl M/S's with most issues also used. Face value of $2000+ (1000s)