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Lot No. 659

Auction No. 29
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $1000
Status SOLD $1250



KGV Bundleware - untouched for many years. KGV kiloware on paper from the same source contained a range of useful varieties & many better WA postmarks suggesting that this could be equally, if not more, lucrative! Includes the following (number of bundles in brackets); ½d green (4), ½d orange (1), 1d red (4), 1d violet (2), 1d green (7), 1½d red (1), 1½d black-brown (1), 1½d green (4), 1½d brown (4), 2d surcharge on 1½d red (1), 2d orange (8), 2d brown (1), 2d red (8), 3d blue (5), 4d olive (4), 5d chestnut (5), 1d green ovptd "OS" (11) & 2d red also ovptd "OS" (14). Appear to be fine & guaranteed to fill in those endless winter hours! (approx. 8000)