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Lot No. 596

Auction No. 29
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $100
Status SOLD $100



South Asia Subcontinent MLH & used range on leaves in binder & 2 stockbooks. The binder with approx. 475 Pakistan mainly used with first ovpts to 5R, Khyber Pass 10r in 2 diff perfs, 15r perf. 12 & 25r also in 2 diff perfs all F/U. Later incls Officials. Large Prinz stockbook has Bangladesh to 2006 with c250 used, Burma incl KGV 10r & 15r used, India used at Rangoon, Burma ovpts to 5R & 10R with "NBI" perfin & later odds MLH/used incl some Jap. Occ & KGVI (mint)/MLH to 10R. Independent issues incls Birds to 5k (both formats) used, Musical Instruments to 100k & a few Myanmar, Bahawalpur & India used at Karachi plus more Pakistan to 2007 (100s). Finally, stockbook of Nepal with c600 used & 60 MLH & Bhutan (c100) includes a few Mongolia on last page. Mostly fine. (c1500)