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Internet Philatelic Dealers Association   Western Australia Owned
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Lot No. 1887

Auction No. 29
Category Postage Dues
Est. $150
Status SOLD $120



1958 ½d Die I MUH sheet accompanied by summary of variations in sheet besides the deeper colour in the right pane, incl "5 dots in base of 2" (11 positions) & "6 dots" (2 positions). ACSC varieties incl "damage above/ right of stop" (R1/6) & "damage above "½" (R3/1) in left pane plus "5 dots" (18 identified positions), "6 dots in base of 2 with middle two dots large" (2 positions), "broken shading above "D" (R2/1), "red dash after "D" (R3/2), "red line above "D" to frame" (R10/5) & "red dashes above frame" (R7/1) all in right pane. ACSC D143d/e/f