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Lot No. 882

Auction No. 28
Category OS Perfins
    Western Australia
      States and Territories
Est. $320
Status SOLD $320



1905/12 1d rose-pink & 2d orange-yellow with sideways wmk, Crown facing left (ACSC W23ab), 3d brown sideways wmk, Crown facing right (ACSC W27cb), 4d brown-ochre (ACSC 36cb), 4d red-brown, Crown pointing right (ACSC 36Dab), 5d olive, Crown pointing right (ACSC 45Ab), 9d red-orange with Crown pointing right (ACSC 50ab) & 5/- emerald-green, Die II with upright wmk (ACSC 64Bba). Vals to 9d MUH/MLH, 5/- MH. Total ACSC Cat. $1150 (2004) (9)


Image represents the entire lot.