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Lot No. 587

Auction No. 27
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $600
Status Withdrawn



World "Philatelic Terms Illustrated" collection in 5 Schaubek binders being vols 8, 11 & 13-15 covering themes such as "overprints/surcharges varieties", "purpose of issue", "marginal markings", "separation" & "plates". The first part of this collection by the late Derek Dewhurst was in the March 2018 Ace Auction. Viewing will impress & will convey the passion of the original collector & his acquired philatelic knowledge. See also the other two lots in this sale for the remaining parts of this collection. There are a few pre-1930 items incl Nepal tete bêche pairs used & SA "long tom" plate pairs of 3d, 4d & 10d MLH however the vast majority of items which incl blocks & M/S's are post-WWII to 1990's MUH/MLH with a wide range of countries represented. Better early items incl Finland serpentine roulettes to 40p (7 used), Tonga 1896 "Halfpenny" ovpt on 7½d on 2d with Tongan surcharge reading up on one, down on the other (Cat. £85 ea.), Ceylon 1976 2¢ on 3¢ grey "surcharge double" (Cat. £70). Recent better items incl Jordan 1964 M/S MUH (Cat. £29) plus numerous Australian items with re-entries, pre-printing paper creases or misperfs. An interesting lot.