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Lot No. 121

Auction No. 27
Category Box Lots
Est. $50
Status SOLD $120



Range of Asian countries on Hagners with no obvious highlights but noted Singapore 1971 Arts set MUH (Cat. £33), Italy 1990's-2000's used incl on piece, thematic "Christmas", "Famous People" & "Marine Life" with numerous countries represented, range of South Africa 1913-2000 used on quality Prinz pages & Aust pre-decimal used range on Hagners noting vals to £1 Arms & some MUH/MLH imprint blocks plus 1970's/80's FDC's, PSE's & Maxicards in 3 cover albums (approx. 300). Also New Zealand Seven Seas standard album with a sparse range of used from 1855 2d Chalon through to MUH later Lighthouses, album of Cuba & another of "United Nations", Aust modern decimals incl S/A's used on 28 "as new" Prinz pages plus another 50 Prinz Pro-Fil pages (retail on these pages alone is $120), USA stamp folios incl Marilyn Monroe & 1989 commem stamp packs, Ireland 1986 & 1986 year packs plus separate ones for defins & more various thematics in " as new" Lighthouse stockbook. Finally PNG MUH 1973-1994 range with 50+ sets & vals to K5 BOP, stockbooks of used Malaysia & Ireland with some 1990's MUH plus USA & Canada on Hagners. An enjoyable "project"! (1000s)