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Lot No. 529

Auction No. 26
Category Thematic
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $750
Status SOLD $2700



"Philatelic Terms Illustrated" in 5 vols using a range of world issues to illustrate extensively various aspects of stamp production & their associated features & varieties. Display pages written up incl wmks, phosphor bands, perfins, changes under ultra-violet light, varnish lines, Helecon experiments, automatic sorting machine electronic markings, "electric ee" alignment guides, cylinder & trade marks etc. Interesting items incl the thickening of the paper to create the wmk on the "lion rampant" 1855 of Norway (2 examples), thinning of the paper producing margin inscription on Germany 1936 Brown Ribbon M/S, NZ "litho" wmks on 1925 ½d P/D (block), ½d KGV & 1d Dominion in shades from colourless to blackish blue, South Aust "long tom" pl.1 4d cnr block with error in wmk (South for South in margin which occurred only on early printings before being noticed & corrected), GB misplaced phosphor bands, Venezuela "Winchester Security Paper" (10 exampled, control ovpts, self-adhesive die cuts) 1983. Other sections cover ink incl colour shifts, blanket print (example on 1934 Vic Cent Exhibition vignette), doctor blade flaws, photo plate varieties (NZ 2d + 1d health "missing dot" in block), ink stripping, colour changelings, recut vignette (NZ 3d Peace "tailplane completed" variety), colour errors, blots, smears, "freaks", splades, unstable inks, sunlight reactions, misplaced embossing, different shades from different printers/printings. Noted GB 1973 9p Sturt with missing gold (Queen's Head) (Cat. £250). Paper types, paper varieties & makeshifts/exotics are also featured. All well written up with examples of banknote paper (Latvia 1919/20), ruled paper (pane of 40 Latvia 1919 5k imperf), war maps, natural paper crease accompanied by colour bleeding on Australia 30¢ wallaby block of 25 (one vertical strip affected), Bhutan laminated paper 1969/71, granite paper (Austria), coloured-through paper (Uruguay 1922 Parcel Post "exterior" & "interior"), aluminium paper (Hungary, Russia, Cameroon), silk threads (Swiss 1854/62, 11 examples), pelure, land, wood veneer on gummed backing paper (Gabon 1984), thermographic steel foil, cigarette paper, native paper, gold beater's skin (resinised paper), blued paper (Chile 1853 with & without prussiate of potash), glazed (Papal States), quadrille (Djibouti), chalk surfaced, polyvinyl synthetic tissue (DDR 1963 "Chemistry M/S), parchment paper (Indonesia 1949, Vienna printings of M/S), surface coloured paper (Martinique 1933), silk (Poland 1958 M/S), cartridge paper (Yugoslavia 1937 M/S), "exotics" incl natural pre-printing paper folds. Printing methods & related v varieties". Varieties in Australia Framas plus colour separations & progressive proofs (NZ M/S for 1989 Philex France), Tuvalu London 1980 M/S, embossing (Gambia halfpenny "cameo" sheetlet of 15), embossed envelope, Romania 1964 M/S with medallion raised in embossing, typo & recess, combination process (Romania 1945 Red Cross letter press & photogravure) make another interesting volume with better stamps incl Muscat & Oman 1966 defins to 10R MUH (Cat. £130) & Dominican Republic 1947 waterfalls (excl 18¢) MLH. Finally it details "reprint" & "Specimen" ovpts (incl "muestra" & "mihen") plus perforated "Specimen" & punched holes. Noted "Reprint" showing plate 1 on thick card with Tasmania 1889 "Halfpenny" on 1d rose carmine imperf block of 10 (done in 1901), similar ovpt on Tas 2½d on 9d, 3d olive fiscal, 6d perfd Chalon, SA 8d on 9d & 1/- red brown, GB Postal Training School KGVI & QEII singles & blocks with two central thick lines vertically applied, plus Machins showing value in white on coloured ground, PNG Training School Specimens (ovptd in red) plus 1952 2/- with "Training GPO Papua New Guinea" cds. Various Commonwealth modern philatelic sales specimens feature but noted St Vincent 1935 Silver Jubilee perfd Specimen (Cat. £100), ditto curved on Bahamas set (Cat. £140), Rhodesia 1893 ½d to 2½d with diagonal lower case ovpts & Br.Guiana perfins incl 2¢ double perfin, one reversed & Qld handstamp diagonal. Also Ruendu Urundi ovpts on Begian Congo further ovptd "Specimen" in red & punched hole at lower right. Czech 1967 Art sheetlets (2) of 4 with punched hole in each, Taiwan obliterated values, SA 1883 1d p/c with Specimen ovpt & NSW 1½d letter card ditto. Costa Rica is represented by 1945 set of 13 & Dominican Rep 1942 sets ovptd "Muestra", ditto Honduras 1940 set, Dominican Rep 1942 PD's & Argentica 1940 Airs plus Spain 1930 Columbus vals. Most unusual & attractively presented.