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Lot No. 19

Auction No. 26
Category Box Lots
Est. $150
Status SOLD $250



A better quality box lot with Germany 1940-1945 MUH incomplete but noting 1940 "Brown Ribbon" & "Hamburg Derby" in Lindner hingeless leaves (151 stamps, incl Hitler heads to 5RM), pre-WWII odds on Hagners from various countries, NZ 1935/72 MLH on printed leaves with pictorials to 3/- simplified, complete 1944-1972 incl M/S's, SG "Improved" album with sparse range in mixed cond before Aust heavily dupl used in Lighthouse stockbook with mainly Sturt & Kingsford Smith 2d & 3d vals. Also, Sweden, USA & others in peg album, leaves & on Hagners noting Cuba 1936-1955 MLH, 1944 Muscat officials (Cat. £20), sparse China & more Canada. Main value in Germany MUH & NZ MLH. (100s)