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Lot No. 159

Auction No. 26
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $3000
Status SOLD $2400



Ireland 1922 Dollard "Rialtas" ovpts study written up on leaves commencing with O'Loughlin, Murphy & Boland 2p green imperf pair essay for defin series due for issue in late 1922 (Hibernian E146, Cat. €55 x2), photo of Wharfedale, Dawson & sons Press as used by Dollard & print titled "Exterior of Messrs Dollard's Works" c1900 prior to destruction in June/July 1922 by Free State Troops during the Civil War. The "Dollard Contract" to ovpt British stamps ended on 30.6.1922. Proofs of ovpt follow, with block of 4 of 5 line ovpt with damaged "n" of "na" in top right position signed B.J.B. in script on reverse in violet boxed Hibernian Type 1 handstamp (Cat. PR2a, Cat. €24 x4), similar ovpt single & block in vermilion with type 2 handstamp in violet in reverse (PR6b, Cat. €24 x5) again initialled B.J.B. (B.J.Brennan, Manager of Dollard Printing House) plus similar ovpt in red but on ½d green single & block (SG footnote below SG 9 indicates price of £160 per single, which tallies with Hibernian €180 for PR8a in 2009) Publicity pull of ovpt plate of 20 on glossy white paper is extract from early handbook by R.Freeman. Then comes a comprehensive coverage of Dollard 5 line ovpts with shades (4 of ea value to 5d, 2 ea of 9d, 10d, followed by deeper more heavily inked printing to minimise ink stripping, a page of grey-black ovpts, 5 examples of 9d agate with normal black & pale grey black (4) ovpts & introduction of vermilion ink for ovpt on 2½d, 4d & 9d with 3 examples of each plus similar qty with reddish-scarlet ink July 1922 Thom print using the Dollard plate - the "Carmine" ovpts on 4d (6) & 9d (2). A top left marginal block of 24 ½d shows the position of the stereo of 15 units which was used 16 times on the sheet of 240. Other blocks of 15 & 35 show cliché characteristics as annotated on pages. Then follow examples of ovpt varieties "1022" for "1922" (broken tail), "smudged C of Sealadac", "broken top loop of 9", "flat tail of 9" with others incl raised "c" on ½d & 4d in blocks, misplaced ovpts, 2½d ovpt in red full bottom strip of 12 with S21 control before Seahorses with shades incl 2/6d, 5/- (3 ea), 10/-, 2/6d & 5/- short 3rd line & 2/6d "filled "A"". Forged ovpts on 2/6d & 5/- with normal 2/6d for comparison & a few "broken letters" (ink lifting) on Hagners complete this amazing first volume of the late Derek Dewhurst collection. Cat. £4000 simplified plus the varieties.