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Lot No. 517

Auction No. 24
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $900
Status SOLD $900



KGV 1d reds large remainder collection arranged in "G" numbers with plenty of useful material. Single-line perf G1 & G2 (21), smooth paper shades G10-G33 (no salmon Eosin) which appears reasonably accurate (24) & rough paper shades G60-G77 (no G78) once again looks accurate (13). The next section has one page per "G" number & displays a range of sub shades with smooth paper examples x 500 & rough paper examples x 140. The final less well-organised section contains a range of varieties incl rough paper x 59, LMW shades (7), Die III shades (16) incl an inverted wmk & smooth paper varieties x 63. In all there are over 800 stamps ranging from good to very fine used. +Viewing highly recommended. (800+)