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Lot No. 490

Auction No. 24
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $1000
Status SOLD $1000



Kangaroos Massive range of 2d, 2½d & 3d values in 1st & 3rd wmks. Used but cond is far above average for an accum of this size which has been sorted by type & wmk but not "flagged" for varieties so may yield some "finds". Contains 2d large "OS" (45), small (57), "OS/NSW" (22) & 3rd wmk (139). 2½d 1st wmk normal (26), 2nd wmk (9) & 3rd wmk (219). 3d 1st wmk inverted (5), normal (173), 3rd wmk (1000+). Only the 2d vals are perfined "OS" or "OS/NSW". A substantial percentage are cds examples & this lot is highly recommended for kangaroo specialists prepared to spend hundreds of hours examining items for varieties. Mind boggling! (1800+)