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Lot No. 298

Auction No. 24
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $150
Status SOLD $150



Great Britain Extensive duplicated lot in various stockbooks & albums with MUH/MLH QEII in stockbook incl no wmk castles to £1 MUH, commems with some dupl to early decimal, page of low val ovpts on Wildings, two pages of KGVI commems & low vals plus dupl used from QV low vals with cancellation interest amongst KEVII, less so in KGV. Later in average used cond noting 2/6d & 5/- seahorses (c50 ea) with mainly heavy parcel cancels plus c20 items postal history incl KGV/VI registered letters (formular, uprated in some cases), KEVII doubleton ½d + 1d PSE with Stockport 1925 machine cancel & 1940 Cent set on FDC. Useful pickings with care. (1000s)