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Lot No. 558

Auction No. 20
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $120
Status SOLD $120



1914-1952 MUH, MLH & used. Noted attractive 1914 6d Kookaburra CTO, 1927/30 perf "OS" commems, 1931 6d violet with doubled letters MLH (Cat. £50), 1930's commems (excl 5/- SHB) in mixed MLH & used cond. 1/- ANZAC is MLH. Also Robes thick paper set used, ½d kangaroo "ear to "o" variety, 2d mauve "medallion flaw" MUH (Cat. £80), 1940 AIF set MLH & used & 1948 Arms used. KGVI booklet pane part sheet of 36 MUH noted along with a few PD's, WA low vals, perfins, revenues, cut outs & Commonwealth 1953 Coronation Omnibus for Crown Colonies MLH (62). Conservative reserve. (100s)