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Lot No. 386

Auction No. 20
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $3000
Status SOLD $2000



South Africa 1910-1992 collection in 7 binders. Considerable duplication starting with 1910 2½d mint (7 singles, 2 blocks of 4, one block of 6), used (8 singles, 4 pairs), KGV to 10/- incl shades, strips, blocks (100s, incl 1/3d x6 used singles, 2 pairs, mint single, pair & block), coils incl pairs, varieties/miscut/joins, inv wmks on 1½d used (5) & mint (12 in pairs & block of 6). Also booklet panes of 6, tete-beche pairs, blocks of 4 & 12 of 1½d mint, 1½d postal stationery cut-outs incl one mint offset, others tied by ½d uprate with cds, 1925 Airs MLH & used with MUH set also (tone spot on 9d), 3d marginal strip of 3 (couple of light tone spots), block of 6 & 1d top right marginal block of 9 & 1926/27 ½d, 1d & 6d bilingual pairs MLH & used plus 10/- pair used, set to 1/- MLH pairs (4d ovptd "DOUANE"), 2/6d vert pair MLH & a used range with pairs & singles (latter incl 10/- Table Boy). 1929 Airs MLH with extras & cover with 4d, 1/- x 2 each & 1d ship plus further cover to London bearing 1/- Air only (FFC Durban-London via Cape Town). Noted 4d errors with short "I" in "AIR" & "white spot between "A" & "F" in "AFRICA"". 1930-1945 MUH/MLH pairs (odd one foxed), used incl varieties & retouches (noted 3d "shuttered window" variety mint & used), 1933/36 pairs MLH & used plus blocks MLH & extra MLH set & 1d pair with "blurred South Africa" variety. 1933-1948 period has complete MLH & used pairs plus extras with varieties (1½d "broken chimney" etc), ½d, 1d Cylinder number lower sheet large blocks of 10x3, 1935 Silver Jubilee MLH & used pairs (3d MLH separated, others MLH tone spots), MLH vertical pairs & many extra singles/pairs/blocks. 1936 JIPEX MLH & used with extras showing diff advert arrangements in selvedge. The 1938/39 commems is dupl incl varieties not SG listed. 1941/45 War Effort & "bantam" set is MLH/used with many extras, a censored cover, "message of mercy" POW card, 3d used with "cigarette" flaw (2) plus in mint block. Various advert selvedge multiples incl colour changes, full sheet of 1½d beantam (ex lower selvedge), 1947/54 defins with extensive used pairs, blocks, MLH incl booklet sheet gutter blocks, varieties & doctor blade flaws. ½d, 1d & 1½d booklet panes MLH & used plus advert charges. Later is very comprehensive with "arrowcators" used throughout to highlight varieties. Last volume also incls P/D's, Officials, Anti-TB & other cinderellas & revenues. Noted 1922/26 3d PD used (Cat. £22) x 2 pairs, 4 blocks of 4, 2 blocks of 6 & 3 blocks of 8, ditto 1927/28 3d x 6 used (Cat. £24 each) plus 44 in pairs or blocks & 6d (35, mostly in multiples). 1932/42 perf. 15x14 complete in all shades with extras all used. Also 1943/44 "bantams" set MLH & CTO, 1948/49 to 3d MLH & to 6d used with extras incl 3d x 8 & a few 1961 types. Officials incl 1926 1d & 6d pairs, latter also block of 4 without stops (SG O6, Cat. £55 x2), 1930/47 1½d pair with diaeresis over second "E" in "OFFISIEEL" (Cat. £50) plus pair h/s "SPECIMEN". Also noted 1950/54 5/- black & blue pale green F/U (Cat. £95). Revenues incl KGV large to £1, small to 5/-, KGVI to 10/- (first, type) & second type to £25 (latter a pair), Republic "bantams" to £2 & bicolour "Arms" to £50 & new currency to R50 (two types). 1932-1967 Christmas (Anti-TB) Seals range incl some pairs/blocks. A few items from this collection are offered as separate lots but it is otherwise intact & the most formidable assembly we have seen. The estimate is based on pre-republic items only with post 1961 largely MUH blocks as a "bonus". Unfortunately through poor storage many mint items have stain spots or overall toning & inspection is advised. The colossal cat. value is £20,000+ (1000s)