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Lot No. 384

Auction No. 20
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $250
Status SOLD $290



South Africa (Pre-Union) MLH & good to F/U range with CGH perfd x 10 incl "G" ovpt Italic on 6d (Cat. £48) & large red upright "G" on 1/- (SG 9a, cat. £45), Mafeking 3d Baden Powell 18½mm (corner creases, cat. £475), Natal x 17 with 1869 3d "Postage" ovpt perf. 14 (Cat. £700), 1908/09 2/-, 2/6d MLH & 1902/03 1d (latter with "NOT FOR USE" obliteration in frame). Also various Natal high vals to £20 with fiscal cancels, Transvaal (11) with F/U fine roulettes incl 1d black, 1d rose carmine, 3d grey lilac, 6d deep blue & 1/- green (Cat. £1000+), Zululand ovptd 4d used & 6d MLH plus New Republic 1d, 3d, 6d & 10s MLH (1d with date). Worth a good look, especially the fine Transvaal 1d black roulette (Cat. £700). Total cat. (not incl revenues) exceeds £2500 (37)