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Lot No. 498

Auction No. 19
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $250
Status SOLD $250



British Commonwealth MLH & used in springback album with mounted to 1952 plus a few later loose between pages. Rust & other faults present but many are fine incl Great Britain 1880/81 1½d & 5d cds examples, 1883/84 2/6d, 5/- (2, one F/U, one smudgy), 1883/84 6d with true colour heavily used. Other QV loose pickings before KEVII range of shades to 5/- (latter & 2/6d rust spots) & a few KGV/KGVI with faults. Aden, Australia plus other oddments from wide range of countries. Noted better incl Canada 1908 Quebec to 10¢, 15¢ unused & KEVII 20¢ good used plus Ceylon & India with useful officials. KGV 1911/21 25R (2 used), 1926/33 15R MLH, 1940/43 to 14a MLH plus extra of 14a, 1937 rupee vals MLH (15R F/U) & 1937/39 "SERVICE" to 10R MLH (2 sets). Pakistan ovpts on India to 1R MLH, & a few 1948 to 1R MLH/used. Straits Settlements incl KEVII $5 MCA fiscally used, KGV to $5 & KGVI to $2 with similar Singapore to $5 used & other Malay States (low values or fiscals). A few Kuwait ovpts on India, Sudan, Nyasaland, Ireland & Somaliland also present. Some of the rusty items may clean up but there is enough that is clean to make reserve conservative. (100s)