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Lot Discounts

The following lots have been discounted by the vendor and are available first-come first-served. Sale prices may be rounded to nearest bidding increment.

Please contact us to purchase a lot. Thank you.

Lot No Description Estimate Available Discount
50Postal Stationery A group consisting of Postcards PC1 fine unused, PC3 unused (surface damage), PC4 unused (tape at left), PC5 fine unuse…$120$9620%
69Postmarks Duplicated range on 1902 1d & 2d 1902 swans with duplication suggesting it has been used for reference & study. Few highlights …$50$3825%
94Revenues 1906/09 Inscribed "Stamp Duty", Perf 11. 1d to £10 balance of consignment group noting 1d x 9, 3d, 6d x 6, 1/- x 12, 2/- x 3, 2…$320$25620%
118Swans Retired dealers MUH/MLH/MH/MNG & good to F/U stock all identified by SG numbers. All frontally fine with most used being fine. Real…$150$12020%
1361854 1d black fine used with void grid cancel. Three close to good margins, bottom impinges slightly on the design lower right. SG 1, Cat…$90$6825%
1411854 1d black with left & bottom margins just touching, others even & clear. Fine used with light cancel. SG 1, Cat. £350$70$5620%
1491854 1d black, possibly rouletted 3 margin example. MNG, slight staining on reverse & trimmed at left with indistinct traces of roulette …$220$17620%
1621854 4d pale blue with pre-printing paper crease at right. Lightly used. SG 3, Cat. £200++$100$8020%
1791854 4d blue with very good margins & 3mm Commissariat puncture. F/U with Perth cancel. SG 3a var.$120$9620%
2101855 1/- pale brown with traces of pin perf at top left & base. Touching at right, slightly cut into top & right. Indistinct, light oblit…$120$9620%
2441857 6d grey-black Hillman. Broad margins at right & base with half margins top & left & cut to shape at top left corner. MLH with rarely…$1000$80020%
2721860 2d pale orange with rouletting visible along the top only. MNG with close but clear margins. Small natural paper inclusion near swan…$120$9620%
2871861 6d purple-brown intermediate perf. 14-16 unused. MNG & well centred. SG 36, Cat. £1100$220$17620%
3011861 4d vermilion with straight edge at base while perfs cut into "POSTAGE" at top. MNG. SG 40, Cat. £475$100$8020%
3021861 4d vermilion with design shifted up cutting "POSTAGE" which is partly visible at base below "FOUR PENCE". Excellent example of how c…$100$8020%
3071861 1/- yellow-green, clean cut perf. 14-16. Centred high & showing part of adjacent stamp at base. Mint with approx. 60% o.g.. SG 43, C…$200$16020%
3101861 1/- yellow-green, clean cut perf. 14-16. MLH with fresh colour, straight edge at base. SG 43, Cat. £1000$200$15025%
3151863 1d rose-carmine, no wmk, perf. 13 with "double tailed" swan variety. Fine MNG. SG 49 var.$120$9620%
3491883 1d yellow-ochre, Cr/CA wmk, perf. 12x14. Superb used. SG 81, Cat. £180$70$5620%
3641885 "1d." surcharge in green on 3d cinnamon with sloping top "1" (SG 91a, Cat. £85) MVLH & 1d brown with straight top "1" (SG 92, Cat. …$140$11220%
3811888 1d carmine-pink with "double tailed" swan variety. Lightly used with good centring. SG 103var.$90$7220%
3871893 "ONE PENNY" surcharge in green on 3d pale brown, Crown/CC wmk, perf. 14 MUH/MLH lower selvedge (inter-panneau) block. Only 1 stamp h…$90$7220%
3901893 "ONE PENNY" surcharge in green on 3d pale brown, Crown/CA wmk, perf. 14 in lower inter-Panneau block of 6 from the top of the sheet …$120$9620%
3911893 "ONE PENNY" surcharge in green on 3d pale brown, Crown/CA wmk, perf. 14 in MUH/MLH vert pair. Noted a blob of green ink between "ONE…$100$8020%
3971895 "Half-penny" surcharge in red & green on 3d cinnamon, perf. 14, Crown CC. Fine used with corner barred cancel. SG 111a, Cat. £300$120$9620%
3991898 1d carmine with inverted wmk. Fine used. SG 112w, Cat. £140$75$6020%
4001899 2d bright yellow with inverted wmk. Superb used with part Laverton 1902 cds. SG 113w, Cat. £150$90$7220%
4011899 2d yellow "W Crown A" wmk inverted used with P.O. obliterator, plus normal for comparison. SG 113w, Cat. £150$60$4525%
4091903 9d yellow-orange with sideways V/Crown wmk MH (SG 122, Cat. £55) & another with wmk upright inverted MLH (SG 122a, Cat. £150). (2)$120$9620%
4191902 10/- deep mauve fine used with neat part duplex cancel. SG 127, Cat. £110$50$4020%
4391902 4d chestnut, V/Crown wmk, perf. 11. Fine used with part Kookynie cds. SG 131, Cat. £425$200$16020%
4471902 2/- bright red/yellow. MLH with strong colour. SG 134, Cat. £300$150$12020%
4591905 1d rose-pink with fairly strong offset on the reverse. A couple of short perfs but fine used with Smiths Mill cds. SG 139 var.$40$3220%
4611906 3d brown in block of 4 with 1 stamp MUH, others MLH. "Fluffy" perfs with fresh colour. SG 141, Cat. £260+$120$9620%
4651905/12 5d pale olive-bistre, perf 12½, MLH (SG 143, Cat. £40), 5d olive-green, perf 12½ MH, tone spot. (SG 143a, Cat. £40), 5d pale …$90$7220%
4751905 2d yellow with left hand selvedge example. Fresh MVLH. SG 152, Cat. £50$30$2420%
4821905 9d red-orange. Fine used with Port Hedland cds. SG 157a, Cat. £200$90$7220%
5271912 3d deep orange-brown perfined "OS". Fine used, short perf top right. An increasingly scarce stamp. ACSC W31Bb, Cat. $300 (2004)$150$12020%
5281908 9d yellow-orange, line perf MLH (ACSC W51B(OS), Cat. $200 (2004)) & 9d orange perfined "OS" used (ACSC 51A(OS), Cat. $150) (2)$80$6420%
5351906-09 Defin Issue Inscribed "Stamp Duty" Perf 111906/09 1d to £10 set of 13. Fine used & attractive. Elsmore Cat. $480 (13)$220$17620%
5411906/09 1/- deep green & 2/- light green both with inverted wmks & fine used. Elsmore Cat. $200 (2)$80$6420%
5421906/09 1/- deep green & 2/- light green as above but former with short perfs at left & latter centred high. Elsmore Cat. $200 (2)$40$3220%
5441906/09 10/- dull green with inverted wmk. Fine used. Elsmore Cat. $150$60$4820%
5451906/09 10/- dull green with inverted wmk. Short perf top right. Elsmore Cat. $150$30$2420%
5461906/09 5/- deep green with inverted wmk. Fine used. Elsmore Cat. $125$40$3220%
5471909 Printing on new paper with Large Crown Watermark, Perf 111909 1d to 1/- set of 4 vals incl vertical pair of 6d & 2 shades of the 1/-…$30$2420%
5481909 Range of vals with many shades. Incls 1d x 25, 3d, 6d x 4, 1/- x 23. Another lot useful for research. Good to fine used. Elsmore Cat…$120$9620%
5491909 1d red-black with inverted wmk F/U (light tone spots on back), 1d scarlet greenish-slate centred inverted wmk fine MNG & scarlet-bla…$75$6020%
5511909 1d reds x 3 all with inverted wmks. Good to fine used with minor faults. Elsmore Cat. $450 (3)$75$6020%
5531909 1/- green & 1/- yellow-green both with inverted wmks. Former with rough perfs) & latter with some rough perfs & a closed tear at rig…$70$5620%
5551911/12 2/6d brown-olive & 2/6d yellowish-olive both with inverted wmks. Both centred high with toning on perfs. Elsmore Cat. $500 (2)$120$9620%
5561911/-12 2/- x 2, 2/6d x 2, 5/- x 3, 10/- x 3 & 30/- x1. Good used to fine used with odd perf tone spot. Elsmore Cat. $315 (11)$90$7220%
5601911/13 6d x 2 with inverted wmk, vert crease (Elsmore Cat. $125) & second with grossly misplaced swan vignette. Not listed by Elsmore, B…$180$14420%
5611911/13 2/6d olive with inverted wmk used with minor perf irregularities (Elsmore Cat. $125) & 2/6d ochre with lower selvedge & vignette …$90$7220%
5631911/13 10/- orange-red & 15/- deep blue-green. Both with inverted wmks & F/U Elsmore Cat. $150 ea (2)$120$9620%
5641911/13 10/- & 15/- as above but both very good used & off-centre. Elsmore Cat. $150 ea. (2)$70$5620%
5651911/13 10/- & 15/- as above. Both fine used, latter with left selvedge but a couple of missing perfs at top. Elsmore Cat. $150 ea. (2)$100$8020%
5671911/13 3d x 14, 6d x 11, 1/-, 2/- x 2, 2/6d x 6, 10/- x 4, £1 & 30/-. Elsmore Cat. $820 (14)$180$14420%
5701917-22 "Duty Stamp " Design on Watermarked Paper in New Colours, perf. 11 1917/22 1d red (monocolour) x 3 with shades of carmine-red, or…$160$12820%
5711917/22 1d red x 4, £1 red x 2 & £5 reddish purple. All good to fine used, the latter with rough perfs. Elsmore Cat. $300 (8)$100$8020%
5721917/22 £5 slate-purple with inverted wmk. Superb used. Elsmore Cat. $375$180$14420%
5731917/22 £5 reddish-purple with inverted wmk. Fine used with a few rough perfs at left. Elsmore Cat. $375$140$11220%
5741920-23 "Duty Stamp" Design on New Paper with small wmk, perf. 11 1920/23 1d to £10 grey set of 14. Good to fine used range, 3d has miss…$180$14420%
5801922/30 3d lavender-grey, 6d orange-yellow, 1/- pale green & 2/6d olive-bistre. All with inverted wmks & fine used. Elsmore Cat. $275 (4)$120$9620%
5811922/30 3d deep reddish-lilac (centred high), 6d orange-yellow (dated heavily with purure pencil), 1/- pale dull green & 2/6d olive-bistr…$80$6420%
5821922/30 £1 bright violet vert pair with "D" of "DUTY" flaw at base on lower stamp. Fine used.$40$3220%
5831922/30 £10 grey with inverted wmk. Fine used. Elsmore Cat. $300$160$12820%
5841922/30 5/- claret, 10/- bright carmine, £1 bright violet, 30/- olive-sepia & £10 grey all with "T" punctures. Fine used group with £1…$60$4820%
5851922/30 £10 grey with inverted wmk & "T" puncture. F/U, centred down. Elsmore Cat. $150$50$4020%
5881922/30 1d to 10/- selection noting 1d x 36, 2d x 4, 3d x 10, 6d x 7, 1/- x 11, 2/- x 3, 2/6d x 2, 5/- x 19, 10/- x 9 & 30/-. Good to fin…$250$20020%
5891923/25 1d to £5 set of 12. Majority fine used with most well centred. Elsmore Cat. $270 (12)$150$12020%
5941923/25 1d to £5 complete set with extra shades of all vals to £1 plus £5 lilac. Incls 1d x 3 shades, 2d x 3 shades, 3d x 2 shades, 6d…$200$16020%
5961927 "Duty Stamp" Design with Colour Changes 1927 10/- bright carmine, perf. 14½x13½ plus 30/- olive-sepia, perf 11. Odd short perfs to…$180$14420%
5971927 10/- bright carmine, perf. 14½x13½ (centred right) plus 30/- olive-sepia with misaligned perf 11 & double perf. 11 at base. Both u…$200$16020%
6051893 3/- & 5/- Internal Revenues postally used in contravention of the Act. 3/- has a few toned perfs otherwise fine with blue cancel. (2)$180$14420%
6141881 3d "Internal Revenue" (R18), 1/- "Internal Revenue" (R21), 5/- "Internal Revenue" (R24) & 2/6d "Internal Revenue" in horiz strip of …$50$3530%
6151881 3d "Internal Revenue" (R19) in combination with 1/- (R21) & 5/- (R24) (stamps a little foxed around the edges) plus 2/6d "Internal R…$60$4230%
6161881 3d "Internal Revenue" (R19), 1/- "Internal Revenue" (R21) & 5/- "Internal Revenue" (R24) used together & a 5/- pair (R24) on another…$40$2830%
6171881 6d (R20), 1/- x 2 (R21), 2/6d x 2 on 2 separate pieces (R22) & 5/- (R24) plus another 2 x 5/- (R24), 10/- "R26" & £1 "R28" all used…$80$5630%
6301893/97 Internal Revenue, Crown over CA wmk postally used group with 1d (SG F11(7)), 3d (SG F13(5)), 6d (SG F14(4)) & 1/- (SG F15(3)) plu…$150$12020%
6381904 1d to £25 short set excluding £50 & £100. Fresh & fine used. Elsmore Cat. $600+ (14)$340$27220%
6421907 10/- Supreme Court Probate green, no wmk block of 6 with double perfs down left selvedge. Fine & fresh MUH.$100$7525%
6491919 £1 black & violet, perf. 11 W Crown A wmk with very low placed Swan vignette. "ONE POUND" is covered by the water & swan. Fine used…$380$30420%
6531929 (31st Jul) 1d red long swan on receipt attached to "Edward Barnett & Co General Importers, Wine and Spirit Merchants" in Albany plus…$30$2420%
6551930-1935 "Hospital Fund" issues on 10 pages from an old ledger used between April 1931 to March 1936 for "M. Murray". A reasonably thoro…$480$38420%
6561931/36 3d yellow x 11, 3d orange x 40, 1½d violet (2), 6d grey x 21 Hospital Fund & 1d blue x 11, 6d grey x 5, 1/- green x 2 & 2/- ochr…$300$24020%
6571932-1953 Financial Emergency Tax stamps on 4 pages from an old ledger used between October 1933 & August 1935. Financial Emergency Tax r…$320$25620%
6581934 (June) to 1936 (Jan) "The Western Australian Buffalo Club" receipt book listing members & fees paid, each endorsed by Prendergast & …$250$18825%
6661870 (26th Nov) Proving cover tying 15 bar "6" numeral obliterator to Albany cds. Addressed to Dardanup with Bunbury transit for NO 23 18…$180$13525%
6701893 (28th Jan) 2d grey swan tied by Gingin duplex DxL-2 on cover addressed to Rev G Sadler, Guildford. Guildford arrival on reverse. Usu…$50$4020%
6801901 (31st July) Paquebot proving cover for 11 bar "F" letter obliterator with neighbouring Fremantle cds 3b-f in 6. This cover from Frem…$300$22525%
6841903 (6th Aug) Taxed ppc from Dublin to Fremantle with "T/15" hexagonal h/s & neighbouring Fremantle 3b-b index 4 arrival cds. This is un…$100$8020%
6911916 (11th Oct) WWI "Australian Branch B.R.C.S." postcard from Nottingham, England with machine cancel & addressed to PWD Perth. "On Acti…$40$3220%
6971931 (10th Dec) 6d Kingsford Smith Airmail ovptd "OS" on Perth Registered "Mitchell" FDC with underlined "First Day Cover" red h/s upper …$400$32020%
6991935 (2nd May) KGV Silver Jubilee set of 3 tied by Nedlands Park cds's with matching "NEDLANDS PARK WEST AUSTRALIA" R6 blue label top lef…$100$8020%
7011936 (11th Apr) Small cover with 3d Cable & 1/4d greenish-blue, SMW perf. 13½x12½ KGV tied by Perth machine cancel. Addressed to Epping…$80$6420%
7041939 (13th Dec) "Australian Glass Manufactures Company" Airmail Company env addressed to Pittsburgh, USA endorsed "China Clipper" in m/s.…$120$9620%
7051940 (13th Dec) "Department of the Army Concession Postal Rate" boxed cachet on env addressed to Ravensthorpe with 1d green QM tied by Mi…$40$3220%
7061941 (5th Jun) "Mil P.O. Northam" tying 1d QM to YMCA env (torn flap) addressed to Kalgoorlie, 1945 (3rd May) plain brown paper cover end…$100$8020%
7081943 (19th Apr) Carrie King "Hiyar Pal!" illust cover with 1d QM tied by Mil PO Karrakatta cds & addressed to "66 Aust AA Coy Rottnest" w…$90$7220%
7101948 (25th Oct) Commonwealth Savings Bank of Australia long red pre-printed "For Registered Mail Only" env with "Wembley West W.A' provis…$40$3220%
7201898 (7th Sept) OHMS registered, unclaimed & returned cover from Land Titles Office Perth addressed to Bunbury. Land Titles Office Perth …$60$4525%
7211898 (5th Oct) OHMS registered, unclaimed & returned cover from Land Titles Office Perth addressed to Leederville. Land Titles Office Per…$50$3825%
7221902 (5th Jan) registered, unclaimed & returned cover from the Land Titles Department Perth to local address. Land Titles Department fran…$50$3825%
7331915 (2nd Jul) Land Titles Office long OHMS env addressed to "William St John, Tramway Employee, Perth “with 4 x 1d red KGV perfined "O…$60$4525%
7371919 (25th Apr) OHMS long buff Land Titles Office env addressed to Kellerberrin with small red Perth "Index 867" R6 Registration label st…$120$9025%
7401921 (21st Jul) "ON HIS MAJESTY'S SERVICE" long Registered env addressed to Cunderdin with 5d bright chestnut KGV on rough paper perfined…$600$45025%
7411921 (22nd Nov) OHMS Office of Titles env to Northam with 2d orange KGV perfined "OS" tied by Perth machine cancel. Other postal markings…$50$3825%
7441923 (28th Jun) OHMS env with "ON HIS MAJESTY'S SERVICE" covered by large red Perth Registered label. 5d orange-brown single wmk KGV, per…$240$18025%
7461926 (29th Nov" OHMS Office of Titles long env to Subiaco with typed address & 1½d red & 3d dull blue Die 1a type A KGV, both perfined "…$75$5625%
7471930 (26th Jun) "ON HIS MAJESTY'S SERVICE" in smaller font on Office of Titles env to Dardanup, redirected to Whittakers Mills before bei…$40$3025%
7481931 (7th Feb) OHMS Office of Titles hand addressed cover to Merredin with ½d orange & 4½d dull violet SMW, perf. 13½x12½ KGV, both p…$800$60025%
7491931 (11th Jun) OHMS buff long env with typed C/O Perth GPO address & 4d greenish olive KGV, perf. 13½ x 12½ perfined "OS" (ACSC 116Bba…$60$4525%
7521944 (26th Jul) OHMS Land Titles Office "Lend to Defend - Buy War Savings Certificates" small buff env with 5½d emu perfined "WA" tied b…$40$3025%
7541945 (12th Dec) Registered OHMS "Postmaster-Generals Department Dead Letter Office Perth, WA" long env envelope specifically printed for …$40$3025%
7591879 1d blue PC2, 1892 1½d surcharge on 3d green PC5 & 1905 1½d surcharge on 2d carmine PC14. A couple of areas with light staining oth…$30$2420%
7621902 1½d & 1½d blue-green stock Reply Card (RPC2). Fine unused with only 3120 delivered. Rarely seen in such good cond. Ex Brian Pope$90$7220%
7631902 1d & 1d red Reply Card. Unseparated pair (RPC1). Fine unused but fragilely held together. Only 8400 delivered.$50$4020%
7641902 1d & 1d red Reply Picture Postcards RPC1 x 5 unused examples with annotated varieties incl flaw on "N" of "ON" & red spot in NE tria…$90$7220%
7651902 1d red wrapper with double line, line rouletted border (WR2). 2 folds & light creasing but clean.$60$4820%
7661902 1d rose envelope fine used with 2 Leonora cds's dated AU 1 03. Addressed to Islington, Sth Australia with Ship Mail Room Perth trans…$40$3220%
7701902 2d orange envelope with UPU 4R cancel. Very different shade to the orange-yellow. VG cond. EN3$70$5620%
7771905 2d lettercard (LC4) in ultramarine printing on greenish stock with the text on reverse, unused in very good cond (note: cannot be op…$50$4020%
7811909 1d slate blue Postcard on unsurfaced paper suitable for "handpainting" (PC17). Fine unused with only 5150 of these cards reported as…$160$12820%
7861912 "ONE PENNY" red surcharge on 2d ultramarine surcharged Letter Card LC6 in 2 different shades with bright ultramarine & the light ult…$50$4020%
7871912 "ONE PENNY" surcharge on 2d orange (EN8). Very late use & possibly "philatelic" as dated 14 AUG 1947. Uprated with 2d red Die I KGVI…$100$8020%
7881912 "ONE PENNY" surcharge on 2d red Postcard (PC20) Fine used with crisp & attractive Wonnerup cds & addressed to Capel. Some damage low…$75$6020%
799Gunyidi P.O. W.A. Large font with 9cm handle. Some wood cracking & aged face. Only one cds recorded for this farming community 55km NNE o…$160$12820%
803Lake Brown W.A. Large font and large crown. Short 8cm handle.$150$12020%
807Qualeup West Aust Long handle type (12cms) with wide crown.$120$9620%
829Blackrange 3b on 1d red swan on cut-out stationery piece dated AU 7 06. The "7" & "AU" are inverted while the year is the correct way up.…$30$2420%
833Boorabbin 3b-a in blue ink on 1d red swans pair for MY 19 99. PMI dates 13-02-99 to 12-11-99.$70$5620%
835Boorabbin 3b-b 2 bullseye strikes on 2d yellow swan for MR 17 01 & on postal stationary cut out from a registered envelope dated OC 2 11.…$50$4020%
839Broad Arrow 3b-a on 2d grey swan on piece for JY 18 99 in mauve & 3b-b on 5d bistre swan dated OC 16 99. Both very fine examples.$50$4020%
840Broome 3b-a on 3d brown swans pair for MY 22 00 & 3b-3 on 2d yellow for MR 8 06, latter 95% strike.$30$2420%
846Bruce Rock Postmaster ORS1. Clear impression on small piece from Official form for 19 NOV 1962. PMI & PMC dates stated as c1978. This exa…$50$4020%
848Brunswick Junction Post & Telegraph Office ORS 4. Two light but discernible strikes on 1d block of 4 swans. Indiscernible date. Not recor…$80$6420%
849Bulong 3b-a on 1d red swans pair for JY 30 96 & 3b-b on 1d red swans swan dated NO 13 07. Both with complete strikes.$30$2420%
854Bunbury PAID AT PD RS on piece of the Bunbury Herald masthead dated Monday May 25 1903. PMI dates 19-02-03 to 10-06-07. A rare combinatio…$50$4020%
870Canning Mills Post Office ORS1 Complete light strike on 1d red swans pair with illegible date. PMI dates 11-05-99 to 2-08-03.$30$2420%
876Carnarvon 2b on 2d grey swan. 60% strike dated MR 31 00. PMI date 25-08-89. PMC date 27-7-02.$40$3220%
891Collie 3b-b Stunning complete strike on 2d yellow swan dated JA 9 04. $30$2420%
922Denmark Postmaster ORS1 Cut around on brown paper dated 23 OCT 1944. PMC dates it c1964 which this example exceeds by about 20 years. Rat…$70$5620%
978Greenough Savings Bank Sbii Two part variable strikes on 2d yellow swans pair for MR 14 04. PMI dates 19-07-99 to ?-??-04. Poor quality r…$30$2420%
986Hamel 3b An almost complete strike on 1d red swan for AP 19 05. PMI dates 28-06-04 to 1-07-13. Fine$30$2420%
988Hamilton Road Fremantle A28 Full strike on 2d Kingsford Smith with indistinct date on piece. (1)$40$3220%
992Hay St West 3b Index 1 Light bullseye strike on 2d yellow swan for 6 FE 04. (1)$40$3220%
995Hester B28 Complete but slightly smudged on 2d KGVI on piece for 25 NO 41. PMI dates 31-05-35 until close on 06-09-57. (1)$40$3220%
1002Holleton C30 complete strike on 2d SA Cent on piece for 5 DE 36. Incls write up on the origin of name from the original "Hollow's Find" t…$120$9620%
1016Jarrahdale 3a on piece from a DE 11 06 (with year slug reversed) backstamp & a 3b-a on 2d yellow swan for JY 3 02 - superb.$40$3220%
1018Jarrahdale Post Office ORS 3 on piece from form with printed "S.B. - No.6." dated 13 JUN 0(?). PMI dates 11-05-98 to 8-10-06. Rare in gre…$50$4020%
1019Jarrahdale Post Office ORS 3. Two part strikes on 1d red swan multiples for FE 98 on pair in blue ink & 1 OC 99 in red ink on vertical st…$40$3220%
1020Jarrahdale W.A. Post Office ORS3 in reddish-violet ink for 10 NOV 1906. Latest recorded date in PMI 8-10-06. Small piece torn from lower …$50$4020%
1029Kalgoorlie 3b-b Nil index. Two complete strikes on 2d yellow swans pair perfined "OS" & dated FE 23 01. PMI dates 19-02-01 to 9-12-10. Ra…$30$2420%
1031Kalgoorlie DxPO-b index 4 duplex on 1d red swans pair on piece dated MR 22 1900. PMI dates 24-??-97 to 27-04-00. Complete & superb. (1)$40$3220%
1033Kalgoorlie DxPO-b index 5 duplex with two fine part strike on 3 swans on piece dated SP 22 1899. These equate to one very fine complete s…$40$3220%
1034Kalgoorlie DxPO-c index 6 duplex on 2d yellow swans pair for AP 18 1901. PMI dates 30-06-00 to 19-11-07. Better than average example. (1)$40$3220%
1035Kalgoorlie DxPO-c index 9 duplex on 1d red swans pair for AU 2 1904. Fine & almost complete.$40$3220%
1036Kalgoorlie DxPO-c index 12 duplex on 1d red swans pair for JY 1 06. A bold & almost complete strike. (1)$40$3220%
1037Kalgoorlie DxPO-c index 14 duplex on 5d olive swans for OC 3 1902. A fine 90% strike. (1)$40$3220%
1038Kalgoorlie DxPO-c index 17 duplex on 1d red swans for JU 14 07. 70% complete. (1)$30$2420%
1039Kalgoorlie DxPO-c duplex index 19 on 1d red swans pair on piece dated SP 11 07. 75% complete. (1)$30$2420%
1041Kalgoorlie DxPO-e index 6 duplex on 1d red swans vert pair for DE 14 01. PMI dates 26-01-01 to 1-12-02. 70% complete & fine. (1)$30$2420%
1042Kalgoorlie DxPO-e index 7 duplex on 1d red swan on piece dated NO 21 00. duplex. Bold 70% strike. (1)$30$2420%
1043Kalgoorlie DxPO-e index 12 duplex dated JA 30 01 on 2d yellow swans pair. Neat 75% clear strike. (1)$30$2420%
1044Kalgoorlie DxPO-f index 4 duplex on 1d red swans pair on piece for JY 20 03. PMI dates 1-04-02 to 2-07-06. Attractive 80% strike. $30$2420%
1045Kalgoorlie DxPO-f index 8 duplex on strip of 2d yellow swans x 3 on piece for MY 7 08. Late date PMI dates 1-04-06 to 2-07-06. Fine compo…$40$3220%
1046Kalgoorlie DxPO-f index 9 duplex on 1d red swans pair dated NO 27 03. 80% complete. (1)$30$2420%
1047Kalgoorlie DxPO-f index 12 duplex on 1d red swans pair for NO 6 02. 75% strike. (1)$30$2420%
1048Kalgoorlie DxPO-f index 16 duplex on 1d red swans pair dated AP 2 1903. Far better than average. (1)$30$2420%
1055Kalgoorlie Postmaster ORS3 on piece from Official form dated 5 JUN 1899. Not recorded in PMI or PMC. Ex Brian Pope.$70$5620%
1058Kalgoorlie Registration Branch RRS 2-a rectangular rubber h/s on 3 swans on piece for 24 JUN 97. PMI dates 2-08-97 to 11-03-02. Fine & ra…$40$3220%
1069Kelmscott dated 23 MY 39 on "OS" perfined 1½ red KGV on piece. Attractive usage.$20$1620%
1071Kojonup Savings Bank Sbi Full strike on 2d yellow swan for AU 14 07. Very fine. (1-2)$30$2420%
1073Konnongorring D29 on 1d red KGV for 11 JUN 18. Early date with PMI listing date as 28 05 20 (1-2).$30$2420%
1074Kookynie 3b index NIL on 2d yellow for APR17 03 (2) plus an index 1 on 1d red pair dated SP 9 07 (1).$40$3220%
1088Lakewood Single straight line in violet on 2d red KGV without a date. Shows "KEWOO" on stamp. Not recorded in PMI. PMC date 21-22-38. Rat…$40$3220%
1094Lawlers 3b-a on 2d yellow swan for DE 15 00, the earliest date recorded in PMI. Rated "rare" by Goulder.$40$3220%
1095Lawlers 3b-a. Three almost complete strikes on 2d yellow swans strip of 4 for SP 25 02. PMI dates 15-12-00 t 6-01-03. Clear strikes but s…$40$3220%
1098Learmonth E31 Two superb strikes on QEII noticeably on piece showing both types - the first with large date line & second with a noticeab…$40$3220%
1099Leederville 3b in the four indices with Nil on 3d brown (thinned) (1), 1 on 1d red swans pair (1-2), 2 on 2d grey swan (1-2) & 3 on 1d re…$40$3220%
1101Leonora 3b-b index 1 with two part strikes on 1d red swans pair for DE 10 6. PMC date circa 1906. (1)$40$3220%
1103Leonora 3b-b index 9 on 2d yellow swans pair for APR 3 09. Complete variable strike. (1-2)$30$2420%
1104Leonora Postmaster ORS 1 on piece dated -6 SEP 1976. Not recorded in PMI or PMC. Fine & complete.$30$2420%
1112Malcolm DxPO duplex index 3 on 2d yellow swans strip of 3 for MY 7 03. Rarely seen. (1)$40$3220%
1113Malcolm 3b-b Index 2 on 2d yellow swan dated NO 1 06. PMI dates 8-12-04 to 31-08-06 hence late date.$40$3220%
1114Malcolm 3b-b Index nil on 2d yellow swan for FE 13 05. PMI dates 8-12-04 to 31-08-06. (1)$40$3220%
1116Malcolm DxPO duplex index 2 on 1d red swans pair on piece for AU 26 ? 65% strike. (1)$30$2420%
1117Malcolm DxPO duplex index 4 on 1d red swans pair dated NO 3 03. Attractive 80% strike.$40$3220%
1118Malcolm DxPO duplex index nil on 1d red swans pair dated OC 2 99. (1)$40$3220%
1136Maylands 3b indices nil & 2 on 1d red swans. Nil dated JU 9 05 & a 55% strike while index 2 is a 95% strike on pair dated JAN 25 09. Both…$40$3220%
1143Menzies 3b-a complete crisp receival strike on ppc dated OC 12 09. Victoria 2d QV tied by Golden Square 424 duplex for OC 4 09.$30$2420%
1144Menzies DxPO duplex index 1 on 1d red swans pair on piece for DE 3 04. Very fine. (1-2)$40$3220%
1145Menzies DxPO-a duplexes indices 2 & 11 with former on 1d red swans pair for SP 20 ?? & latter on 1d red swans block of 4 on piece dated A…$50$4020%
1146Menzies DxPO-b on 1d red swans pair on piece for JA 14 01. (1-2)$30$2420%
1147Menzies DxPO-c duplex index 2 on 1d red swans pair dated OC 27 08. Variable but neat & almost complete. (1)$40$3220%
1148Merredin Postmaster ORS3 dated 27 MAY 1929 on complete handwritten note with PMG letterhead, stores stock No.492. Rated "rare" by Goulder…$50$4020%
1150Midland Junction E30a Two full strikes & a 90% strike tying 2d QEII x 3 to piece dated 21 MR 62. Neat multiple usage.$20$1620%
1159Mount Magnet B27 on 3d brown swan perfined "OS" dated 12 MR 13. PMI dates 10-05-11 to 1-06-02. Rarely seen on swans.$30$2420%
1170Mundabullangana Complete strike on 5d KGV on Perth addressed env with By Air Mail vignette, 5d being correct rate to Perth. Minor edge st…$75$6020%
1171Mundabullangana Post Office ORS 3 across strip of 3 x 1d red KGV dated 3 JAN 1921. A complete but variable strike. Previously unrecorded.$200$16020%
1173Mundaring Savings Bank SBi in violet ink on 1d red swan for JU 20 ?? Smudged 90% strike making year difficult to decipher. Rated "rare" b…$30$2420%
1174Mundijong 2c Full light variable strike on 2d yellow swan on piece for NO 2 06 (?) PMI dates 3-09-02 to 8-06-08. Not often seen complete.…$40$3220%
1182Nannine 3bs Both types & virtually complete strikes with 3b-a showing "W.A." further apart dated DE 8 06 (PMI dates 18-11-99 to 8-05-07) …$40$3220%
1183Nannine DxPO duplex on 1d red swans pair for MR 25 06. PMO dates 21-03-99 to 2-12-08. Almost complete & best we have seen. (1).$40$3220%
1192New Norcia 3b Index nil on 2d yellow swan for 29 JAN 1905 (1) & 3b index 1 on 1d red swans pair dated MY 10 07 (1-2). PMI dates 1-01-97 t…$40$3220%
1193Newcastle Dx L-2 duplex on 1d swans pair for on piece SP 29 09. PMI dates 28-12-92 to 28-02-10. Fine and virtually complete.$30$2420%
1194Newlands 3b on 2d yellow swan dated JU 21 with no year visible. Bullseye but variable strike. (1)$30$2420%
1197Norseman DxPO duplex on 2d yellow swan on piece for MY 1 01. PMI dates 21-11-00 to 22-08-10. A superior strike. (1-2)$40$3220%
1201Northam Duplex DXPO index nil on 1d red swans pair on piece for AU 14 03. PMI dated 1-06-93 to 12-04-06. Fine (1)$40$3220%
1202Northam DxPO duplex index "C" on 1d red swans pair on piece for JU 6 1905. PMI date 1-06-93 to 12-04-10. Fine 80% strike.$40$3220%
1203Northam DxPO duplex index 2 on 1d red swans pair for FE 21 05. PMI dates 1-06-93 to 12 -04-06. Very fine 90% strike.$40$3220%
1204Northam DxPO duplex index 6 on 1d red swans pair on piece dated JU 17 03. PMI dates 1-06-93 to 12-04-06. Very fine 95% postmark.$40$3220%
1206Northam Mil P.O. Ea 30 Full crisp strike on PO form for ? SE 49. Fine example & rated "rare".$40$3220%
1207Northam Postmaster ORS 1 in violet on piece for 21 APR 1964. PMI date circa 1964. A fine modern rarity.$40$3220%
1216Perth (Chief) Telegraph Office CDS L28-b Complete variable strike on part Telegram piece dated 13 JL 42. Recorded as "Stamps per favour" …$40$3220%
1217Perth 6000 1990 "Penny Black" Stamp Anniversary M/S on FDC pmkd with Perth Swan pictorial cancel with the "ANNIVERARY" missing "S" variet…$30$2420%
1218Perth Cashier Complete strike on Money Order piece dated 2? JUN ?. Useful Official usage.$40$3220%
1222Perth Warship Mail Section 6958 Full strike tying 50c Wildflower pair to piece. Dated 20 APR ? on this 2005 issue. Not yet listed.$30$2420%
1226Pinjarrah CDS 1 Cut to shape on piece dated MR 14 1864. PMI dates 17-04-60 to 9-08-77. Clear bold strike. (1-2)$30$2420%
1232Quairading Postmaster ORS 1 in red on Official form piece. Dated 18 JUL 1967. PMI and PMC dates circa 1963. Rated (1)$30$2420%
1237R.A.A.F. No. 850? Possibly Cunderdin with "1" missing? tying 2d mauve KGVI to piece dated 28 OC 45.$30$2420%
1241Roebourne 12 bar 30 numeral on 3 x 1/- green swans, CR/CA wmk, perf. 14.$30$2420%
1248Sandstone Savings Bank SBv fine strike on 2d yellow swan for 24 SEP 0? PMI dates 3-10-07 to 31-08-08. Fine 60% strike. (1)$50$4020%
1252Serpentine D28 on 2d orange KGV for 10-??-22. PMI dates 3-07-16 to 28-05-23. (1)$30$2420%
1261Swanleigh 6056 "St John Ambulance Australian Cadet Camp 1-14 Jan 1977" Pictorial pmk dated 1 JAN 1977 tieing 18c Wildflower to matching c…$30$2420%
1266Thornlie W.A. 6103 Postmaster ORS1 Full strike cut around & mounted on piece. Not listed in PMI or PMC. Ex Brian pope.$30$2420%
1269Trafalgar (Lake View) 3b-c on 2d yellow swan on piece dated JA 6 08. Lake View was renamed "Trafalgar" in 1909. PMI dates 24-02-06 to 11-…$40$3220%
1274Trayning B29 on 2d red swans pair dated 5 JY 12. PMI dates 20-11-12 to 21-11-60. Average strike but scarce on swans.$30$2420%
1282Victoria Park B28 Part strike on 1d red swan dated 25 SE 12. PMI dates 22-02-12 to 31-12-74. Rarely seen on swan stamps. Complete 1963 st…$40$3220%
1289Walkaway 3b Bullseye strike on vertical pair of 1d red swans dated OC 25 06. PMI dates 27-06-00 to 29-08-12. Rated "rare" by Goulder.$40$3220%
1302Waroona WA Postmaster ORS2 Cut around full strike on brown env. Light & variable with indistinct date. Not listed in PMI or PMC. Ex Brian…$40$3220%
1303Waroona. Post Office. ORS1 Neatly cut around on brown env dated 21 APR 1945. Not listed in PMI or PMC. Ex Brian Pope.$60$4820%
1319Whim Creek 3b index 1. 1d red, 2d yellow & 6d violet swans struck with individual cancels on piece for AP 2 03. Scarce & attractive.$90$7220%
1324Widgemooltha DxF Duplex on 1d red swans pair for MR 15 03. PMI dates 12-10-02 to 30-10-07. Rated (1-2) by Goulder. Very fine part strike.$50$4020%
1325Widgemooltha DxF duplex on 1d red swans pair on piece with an early date of AP 18 01. PMI dates 12-10-02 to 30-10-07. Fine & almost compl…$50$4020%
1327Williams 2b Fine complete strike on 2d yellow swan on piece for 18 MY 07. PMI dates 18-03-81 to 4-01-07. (1)$50$4020%
1334Wiluna Savings Bank Sbi Bullseye strike on 2d yellow swan for FE 20 08. PMI dates 17-07-02 to 20-07-08. Fine (1) $50$4020%
1335Wiluna Savings Bank Sbi on 1d red swans pair for 26 AU 02. PMI dates 17-07-02 to 20-07-08. Fine & rated (1) by Goulder. $50$4020%
1336Wiluna Savings Bank Sbi on 2d yellow swan for JA 20 03. PMI dates 17-07-02 to 20-07-08. Neat light bullseye strike. (1)$50$4020%
1337Wiluna WA Postmaster ORS2 Variable & mostly legible cut out & dated 26 APR 1941. Not listed in PMI or PMC.$40$3220%
1344Woodanilling 3b in NIL on 1d red swan on piece for 4 JY 12. Date slug has "4" correctly oriented but "JY" & "12" are inverted. (1)$30$2420%
1350Worsley 3b x 3 examples with different indexes. Index nil on 1d red swan dated AU 9 12, index 1 on 2d yellow swan dated DE 1 08 & index 2…$60$4820%
1352Wyndham 2a on 2d yellow swan for 9 AU 06. PMI dates 30-08-86 to 19-07-06. Rated 1-2 by Goulder.$30$2420%
1367Yellowdine 50% strike on 2d NSW for 13 NO 37. (1-2)$30$2420%
1369York 3a on 1d red swan for JY 23 06. PMI dates 7-01-85 to 26-07-06 plus a 2b on 2d yellow swan dated JY 27 ? PMI dates 15-07-89 to 16-06-…$40$3220%
1370York Dx L2-c duplexes for Index 1 on strip of 4 x ½d green swans dated MY 26 1898 in violet ink plus index 4 on 1d red swans pair for JA…$50$4020%
1373York Postmaster ORS 2 on piece from PMG stationary & dated 10 FEB 1956. Not recorded in PMI or PMC. Fine & complete. $60$4820%
1379"A New Settlers First Crop Western Australia" Govt litho Perth WA publisher b&w. Postally used in Kent, England in 1910. Light corner cre…$40$3025%
1382"Cattle at Northam Western Australia" Govt litho Perth WA b&w showing a cattle by dam scene with text highlighting the lack of settlers r…$50$3825%
1384"Freshwater Bay, Claremont" Bon Marche Stores, Perth colour with 1d swan tied by neat Subiaco 3 MY 10 cds & addressed locally. VG cond.$30$2420%
1390"Osborne Steps, Cottesloe, W.A." Austral Stores colour card with 1d swan tied by Mundijong DE 17 07 cds. Addressed to West Devonport with…$30$2420%
1408"Philately from Western Australia 1829-1912 Handbook" by M Juhl (1992), "Western Australia: The 4d Lithograph 1854-1864" by Brian Pope (1…$50$4020%
1411"Western Australia The Postal Markings Illustrated" Published by the WASG (1994) 2 vols for letters "A" to "R". VG cond.$50$3825%
14191945 (13th May) "Thanksgiving for Victory Upon the Ending of War in Europe" programme for the service held on the Esplanade, Perth on Sun…$30$2325%
14241982 (13th Jan) "The Western Australian Horticultural Council Golden Jubilee Commemorative Evening" Programme signed by 14 attendees incl…$25$2020%
14272005 60th Anniv of the end of WWII "For Service to Australia" commem bronze medal in RAM presentation box plus "A Grateful State Remember…$40$3220%
1430Fremantle Port Import & Export Mail journals with "Imports" from October 1947 to June 1984 & "Exports" from February 1978 to February 198…$100$7525%