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Lot No. 230

Auction No. 23
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $80
Status Auction Pending



Morocco Agencies MUH/MLH & used dupl ex dealers stock. Noted ovpts on Gibraltar with QV vals to 1 pesata, KEVII to 25¢, 1914/31 5/- B.W. printing (SG 416, Cat. £110) & 1951 to 2/6d all F/U plus useful Spanish & French currency mint & used. Tangier MLH ovpts incl 1957 to 10/- + extras except 5/-, used KGVI to 5/- F/U & 1957 to 1/6d in blocks & singles. A few British PO's in E.Arabia with KGVI to 2R mint & used, QEII with 5R used blocks (3, one stained) & singles. Qatar 10R (SG 15 (II), Cat. £150) plus few others incl 1961 vals to 2R. Mainly fine. (100s)