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Lot No. 898

Auction No. 34
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $400
Status SOLD $320



Varieties Pre-decimal range on Hagners in binder with many useful annotated with the relevant ACSC numbers noting 1929 1½ Swan re-entry "T" & neck (Cat. $75), 1931 6d violet Kingsford Smith block with "FO/LD" re-entry plus pair showing "extra islands" (ACSC 143d & e, Cat. $245), 1937 2d NSW pair with left frame extended (ACSC 175d, Cat. $60) all MUH/MLH plus 1932 6d Kookaburra "top frame broken" (ACSC 150d) & 1937 1/- Lyrebird block with roller flaw on right stamps both used & cat. $200+. Also 1937 2d NSW "man with tail" used (Cat. $100) & 1958 2/- Qantas block "A" re-entry MUH (ACSC 340d, Cat. $100) plus others "flagged" with a ACSC cat. total of $2600+. Mix of blocks & multiples. A conservative reserve, especially with all the work done! (100+)