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Lot No. 749

Auction No. 34
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $460
Status SOLD $460



KGV 1d values on 38 Hagner sheets. Some annotations provided by the vendor are incorrect with smooth & rough paper reds not all correctly classified. While the collection is offered "as is", we provide some comments to assist those who cannot view this lot. 1d reds (approx. 240) incl Die I substitute cliche smooth paper & Die I & Die II rough papers all F/U. A page of SLP mostly correctly identified before 30 smooth paper with inverted wmks & 14 stated to be rough paper but some doubtful. Die II's (c85) on mostly smooth paper incl 5 pairs & then LMW (37) noting "break left frame" & "dot before right 1d" varieties. Die III x 9 examples incl a "notch in right frame" variety & "flawed "e" of Postage & white flaw on top of "L" of Australia" (ACSC 75d/q, Cat. $200ea) followed by 13 Hagners titled "smooth paper shades sorted by date of issue & listed shade" plus 5 Hagners of "rough papers similarly titled". Continues with 1d violet (37) incl 7 x perfined "OS", 1d green single wmk (50) with 24 x "OS" & 4 listed varieties before LMW (27) incl 2 x "OS" & 4 listed varieties & no wmk (20) with SMW, perf.14 (64) incl 9 perfined "OS" & 4 listed flaws. Finally, SMW, perf. 13½x12½ (57) incl a F/U Die II & 24 x "OS" perfins & CofA wmk (107) incl 32 ovptd "OS" & 1 perfined "OS". Useful pickings.