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Lot No. 743

Auction No. 34
Category Australia
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $220



KGV SMW, perf. 14 & Perf. 13½x12½ perfined or ovptd "OS" selection on Hagner incl p.14 3d blue type ACSC 106ba, Cat. $375 MUH, 1d green dry ink F/U ACSC 80bac, Cat. $175 & 4½d violet with "retouched left val table & numerals (& spur on right val table)" variety F/U ACSC 119bas, Cat. $140+ premium for "OS". Also 4½d perfined "T" F/U before p.13½x12½ ½d orange x 2 CTO, 1d green CTO x 2 plus 4 MUH/MLH with varieties, 1½d brown CTO, 2d red Die III CTO & F/U pair with "flaw on nose" variety plus 3d blue type A MUH (ACSC 107ba, Cat. $375) & 3d blue good to F/U with CTO type A x 3 plus 2 x 3d blue varieties used. Finally 4d olive with variety ACSC 116wa(3)e used & 4d ovptd F/U & 2d brown Die II F/U with variety ACSC 99(2)j. Cat. approx. $1500 (30)