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Lot No. 666

Auction No. 34
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $500
Status SOLD $750



British Commonwealth SG KGVI album which has suffered the same fate as above but was the "MLH Collection" originally! Majority are substantially struck down due to the water damage but still has value as MNG examples. Virtually every stamp is stuck down which is a tragedy as the RSW high vals appear complete with defin sets to top val incl Aden 1939 & 1951 plus states, Ascension, Bahamas 1938, 1942 & 1948, Barbados 1950, Basutoland, Bechuanaland, Bermuda, Br. Guiana, Br. Honduras, Solomons to 10/- & PD's plus Burma incl Officials, Canada OHMS 1949/50, Cayman Is with both sets to 10/-, Cyprus, Dominica (both sets), Eritrea BMA & BA to 10/-, Falklands 1952, Gambia, Gilbert & Ellice incl PD's & Gold Coast with both sets. Also Grenada, India to 25r, Gandhi to 10r & Officials to 10r, Jamaica, KUT, Kuwait 1948 & 1950, Leewards Is, Malta 1938 & 1948, Mauritius (both), MEF with PD's, Montserrat (both sets), Morocco Agencies incl Tangier 1949 & 1950) before New Hebrides 1938 & 1953, Nigeria, North Borneo 1945 & 1947, N. Rhodesia, Nyasaland 1938 to 10/- & 1945 to 20/-. Continues with Pakistan to 25r ovpts on India & 1948/54 to 25r, Papua Airs to 1/6d, Perlis 1951/52, Pitcairn, St Kitts-Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent (both sets), Sarawak 1950, Seychelles 1938 & 1952, Sierra Leone to 10/-, Somalia BMA & BA ovpts, Somaliland (all 3 sets), S. Rhodesia & Sudan 1941 & 1950 Airs. Finally, Swaziland, Trinidad & Tobago, Tripolitania (BMA & BA ovpts incl PD's), Tristan da Cunha, Turks & Caicos (both sets), Virgin Is (both) & Zanzibar. First half of album is nearly 100% stuck but last progressively improves. Massive cat. value & well worth reserve despite the work ahead for the astute buyer. (1000s)