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Lot No. 612

Auction No. 34
Category World
    Collections, Accumulations and Selections
Est. $150
Status SOLD $270



Singapore 1948-1991 MUH, MLH & used range in Hagner album with value in MUH/MLH incl KGVI Perf. 17½x18 set MLH (Cat. £475), 1955/59 to $5 MLH, 1962/66 to $5 MUH (Cat. £70) & used, 1968/72 to $10 MUH (Cat. £60), 1969 Raffles MLH (fibre adherences) & used, 1970 Expo M/S MLH (fibres on corners) & 1971 Festivals M/S MLH ditto plus Satellite & Art sets MUH, 1972 Shipping M/S (fibres on corners) before solid MUH thereafter, some with additional used. Incls all defins MUH (excl $2 to $10 Shells). Clean lot with very few missing. (100s)